Friday, September 30, 2011

Do You Wear Your Coils Out?

Gel Application Straight From the Shower Can Lay Down Your Curls!
Moisturized Technique: Allow Coils to Expand

Shingling Technique: Coils Expand Once Dried

Puffs are a Fun Way to Wear Coils!

Is it just me--or do you notice coily haired models, ladies on tv commercials, ladies in magazines? I even noted the Reebok advertisement with the coily haired model! Looking in the mirror, it still shocks me to find that I have those coils too! Two years into my FULLY NATURAL status, I am still amazed at the versatility of my hair. Now I just have to embrace that freedom that is mine to wear my coily hair OUT. Yes, wear it as a style. Just like I wear my braidouts, twist outs, straight hair, and all that other good stuff. 

Do you wear your coils out? 
Do you know how to awaken your curls and style them? 
Do you know the products that work for your hair? 

So many questions--and some without definite answers. Products that work for one head of hair can be totally ineffective on other head of hair! 

There are basic needs when preparing to style and wear naturally coily hair. 

  • You will need to begin on either washed or co-washed hair (hair that has been washed with conditioner only). 

  • Next, you will find a good moisturizer to be helpful. All the while, you will want to work with damp to wet hair. The application technique you use will determine how your coils will lay. 

  • Working with soaking wet hair and sliding gel throughout your hair from root to ends will usually lay your coils down in a flattened position. Shingling (or running your gelled fingers through sections of hair) will usually coat the curls, which will later "rise" to a puffier position. 

All of this will vary by hair texture/type. Most importantly, I encourage you to practice and try different techniques on your hair. That way you will know how your hair will respond, and your coily hair days will not be a mystery!

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