Saturday, October 29, 2011

Natural Hair Fall Care Fun with Flat Ironed Hair & Ralph Lauren Comfort!

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By now, most places have started to "feel" the Season of Fall. I'm pretty sure that I can smell it!! I can't describe it, but as a Florida Native, you feel any and every change in the normally humid air. Even though the sun is shining bright, we can feel a slight drop in the temperature (so what it only goes from 80 degrees down to 74)! I love it! So as natural hair divas, we've decided to utilize the reduction of humidity in the air and play with the flat iron a little bit.

After a 3 hour session of blow drying with heat protectant, and flat ironing with grape seed oil, we sectioned 1/2 inch long pieces and got to work. The trick is to work with small sections of hair, and break those down into1/2 inch long by a quarter inch thick pieces and use your oil on the sections. The heat setting that you use will be dependent on the tightness of your coil, the thickness of your hair, and other important factors. I would say that if your hair has a looser coil, start at a lower temperature and work your way up after seeing the effects. Somewhere in the 300's would be a good place to start. Tighter coils can start in the later 300's, and work your way up based on the outcome. Use a small tooth comb to "chase" the flat iron (put the small tooth comb in front of where your flat iron is headed), and this will assist in laying down your ends. This should be the solution for "crinkly" or thickened ends. Use of the small tooth comb is only once your hair has been properly sectioned and detangled.

Minimize breakage with delicate care of your ends, and it will reward you with length retention! Especially since your hair is in it's straight state, remember to moisturize those ends on a daily basis. Use a product that does not have water as it's first ingredients. I like to use shea butter mixed with oils on my ends while I wear my hair straigh. Enjoy your straight hair without concern for quick reversion back to curly! This new Fall weather brings fresh new colors (clothing and foliage)! It's great weather to exercise in! Get out and Run around! Your body will thank you too. Those of you gearing up to face some weather that calls for heavier gear to keep warm, check out the Ralph Lauren Equestrian Line, or Bubble Jacket selections! The use of Fall colors and quilting, combined with down filling will keep you warm and "Fall Ready"!

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