Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Quick Pre-Poo: Moisture For Your Week!!

Do you think you have dry hair? How do you know it's dry? Okay, so it's hard to the touch. It looks ashy. It's hard to style. I'm a firm believer that dry hair is not something that has to be accepted with natural hair. There are numerous ways to infuse/maintain moisture into natural curly hair. This week, I'll just start with the pre-poo (or pre shampoo) treatment. Before you shampoo, you can opt to put your favorite conditioner, also followed up by your favorite oil(s) on your hair. If you want to leave this on for 15 minutes with a shower cap or's up to you.

The benefits to this are: minimize the drying effects of harsh shampoos, infuses moisture, encourages moisture retention, minimizes breakage, conditions hair, softens hair, etc. The benefits are numerous. So if you find that your hair constantly feels and looks dry, you can add a pre-poo treatment to your shampoo regimen! Stay tuned for more dry hair solutions!


  1. Hi, I just found your site and Love IT! I'm experimenting with different natural techniques. I have two daughters and myself and we have tons of thick tightly coiled hair. I'm overly excited not to be so ignorant anymore to think the only way to deal with our hair was perms and press n combs. That being said for the pre-poo if I add oils does that go on top of the conditioner or after conditioners washed out?

    1. Hey Love! Mix the oil in with your conditioner (such a time saver)! Great pre-poo treat.