Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Straight Hair To Afro: MY STORY

Transition from Relaxed to Natural: The New Me


Daughter, sister, wife, mother, entrepreneur, friend (and somewhat in that order), I LOVE NATURAL HAIR! I can't tell you what caught my interest for it. I don't even know when I decided that I was going to stop chemically processing my hair (after 20 years of being relaxed). For sure, there were several incidents leading up to the decision (thinning, breaking, same length hair--how can one's hair stay the same length for over 7 years)? Burns, oozing, pain and discomfort were among some of the other reasons. I transitioned for 15 months, trimming slowly as my hair grew fast. I had never seen my hair that long before! I "big chopped" in October 2010, cutting off a whopping 4.5 inches or so. I was free.

I won't even waste your time or mine on the relaxer issues, I just want to say this.....I'm so glad I made the decision to see my hair in it's own state. You know why? Because I've never seen it before (that I can remember). So basically it's brand new. And each inch of new growth makes it even newer. Those of you who have taken or begun the journey to your natural hair will truly understand that statement. It's kinda a journey to you. So I introduce you to me, my two lovely daughters, and our journey to our God given hair. That's pretty much it. Thank YOU.

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