Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Curly Hair Regimen / THE QUICK ONE!

It was one of those date nights where everyone involved (hubby and I), were getting hungry and every minute counted! Whoever got ready last was the problem person, and they were gonna be blamed for everything. I looked in the mirror at my hair, and it wasn't ready yet.

I decided to rinse out my hair (I had the mixed silk leave in conditioner on). I just rinsed with water, and then showered and got out. After staring at my coils in the mirror for about a minute, I figured I needed to help it dry a little faster. I used one of hubby's old t shirts (old to me), and laid it on the hair and tied it down with a scrunchy. After it absorbed most of the water, I took it off and assessed the situation. Coils looked great, but I knew that if I just left it this way, within 30 minutes (or less) I was gonna have an Afro (and that was not the look I was going for). So, I put some more of the mixed silk leave in conditioner on throughout the whole head, and then stared again.

After the staring contest in the mirror, I decided to check out the Eco Styler Gel, cause it's good to lay down hair quickly, and give a nice shine. To apply, I placed a scoop in the palm of my hand, and rubbed my hands together. Then I started at the bang area, and smoothed my hair from root to tip with the Eco Styler Gel (smoothed between the palm of my hands). I did this all the way around the head. I also "raked" with my fingers to get the ends and separate the coils that wanted to separate. I knew that I was missing some areas, because I couldn't "get in" to the roots and some of the thicker areas. I didn't care too much, because I just wanted to lay it down for the night out. After that, well, I would just figure it out. So here's what it looked like after applying it the best I could throughout (and missing a lot of spots)

Eco Styler Gel Natural Hair Wash N Go Has Shine & Define

 T-Shirt Dried Wash N Go Quick Styling with Eco Styler Gel

I actually got 3 day hair out of this quick styling. The process took me 20 minutes max!

I was ready first, by the way.




  1. Is the Ecostyler Gel good to use on kids? I am at a loss on hair products and 2 out of 3 of my children have naturally curly hair. I have always kept their hair braided or in ponytails and feel that it would be so much thicker if I stop braiding it so much. I am at a point that I want to take full advantage of their naturally curly hair and dont know where to start.

  2. @ nicole I use it (Ecostyler) to slick back babygirl's hair so she comes home from school the same way she left ;o) I used it before to define her whole head full of curls, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I have a video about the tightly curly method, that's a great alternative to gel (it defines the naturally curly hair well). You gotta play around with the different products to find what works well. An excellent leave in is the knot today (done in the kimmaytube mixture--google it if you don't already know the mix).

  3. Looks nice! Did you have to do anything on day 2 and 3 to refresh this style, like spray with water? Did you do anything different before bed, or just a satin cap/pillowcase?

    1. @Hotmomc Thanks Love ;o) After I put a light moisturizer on at night--like shea moisture milk, I low ponytail it at night with a satin scrunchie. I don't put any scarves on at night. I just use my satin pillowcase. Morning refresh is maybe a light spritz of water to revive (if need be). But not too much so I don't have stretch anymore.