Friday, November 18, 2011

Products and Natural Hair: What Do You Put In Your Hair?


I've had the most easy styling week with my coily haired princess this week. I usually deal with single strand knots, tangles, shrunken hair that won't allow me to change up her style, and the usual curly haired shenanigans. Yeah I love to style her coily hair. But when we want to do some styles that require a little length, we are usually looking at her coils while they look right back at us and ask "what's up?" For school, I mostly use stretched styles on her. In the past, I noticed stretched hair that feels really dry. I can make her hair look real good. But can I keep it healthy, and soft? Yeah. Now I can. Let me tell you how..

Twist Outs are a Great Styling Option For Little Girls Too

Hair is Soft and Manageable. Use Natural Ingredients--(not to be mistaken for products)

Night Time Maintain: 5 Minutes Moisture and Plait

1) Minimize products. I found what works for her, and that's all I use in her hair. I will outline her products and regimen in another post.

2) Minimize Manipulation. After her wash day detangle, I don't detangle again. I will smooth out her hair nightly with my hands (that have shea butter mix on them). Night time regimen is simply twist big or plait big. Takes about 5 minutes (a little bit longer now that her hair is getting longer).

3) Use Natural Products. I'm not talking name brands. I mean actual 1 ingredient things. For instance, I use Aloe Vera Gel and Castor oil on her hair mostly. Then if I want to stretch it, I use Shea Butter/Mango Butter/Jojoba Oil mix. Keepin' it Real Simple. It doesn't even have to be expensive.

I think that keeping a simple product listing and simple regimen will eliminate product build up. It will eliminate the need for you to use harsh shampoos to take out the products you put in. And not having to use harsh shampoos is definitely a start to soft, maneagable hair. So is her hair soft now? Yeah. Is her hair maneagable now? Yeah. Does she scream when I style it in the mornings? No. Is she cute? I'm real sure of it. But then again, I'm her mama.

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