Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transitioning Hair Trick #1: HOW TO LAY DOWN THE HAIRLINE

I will dedicate much time to transitioning hair information. Only because I was a long term transitioner, and I've pretty much gone through anything and everything that a transitioner can go through. During month 3 through month 7, I wore a lot of buns, and pulled back styling. During this time, the "new growth" is peeking through, but there's mostly relaxed hair at the shaft and ends. 

THE PROBLEM: How do I style my hair with all of this new growth?

SOLUTION #1: Moisturize your hair properly. At night time, soft brush your hairline (edges). Plait into braids (or not--you can do this to a plain old ponytail style), and tie down your hair with a satin head tie. Make sure to lie the scarf along the hairline so that your morning styling will have a smooth hairline (if that's the look you're going for).

SOLUTION #2: Invest in a few headbands. They must be sturdy enough to keep the hairline down. This is used after you've done your night-time scarf trick.

Transitioning Hair, Month 4 "New Hair Growth" Waves

Hair Band Helps Keep "Fly Aways" in Place

Transitioning Hair Bun Styling is Great During Months 4 through 8

Transitioning Hair and Buns Are Great All Year Round

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