Wednesday, November 23, 2011

T's Curly Hair Routine with Eco Styler Gel

Natural Hair is So Twisted

Curly Hair Defined with Conditioner, and "Set" with Eco Styler Gel

This Wash N Go is Set to Dry. It will have a Little Shrinkage

Hey Lovelies! I was able to catch Miss T before she slipped into the shower to work her hair magic. She typically uses Eco Styler Gel to define her coils, while I'm known for playing with Conditioners. We use the clear Eco Styler Gel. This time around she used Suave Naturals Conditioner (the one in the green bottle). No Shampoo was used this time around. She only shampoos her hair when she's about to straighten it. During her curly days, it's straight up conditioners. 

Here's her step by step tutorial of sorts. How can this help you? If you have curls or coils that like to define and show their face while you are in conditioner mode, then the Eco Styler Gel will help by "freezing" what curls/coils you already have. Her technique is currently what she has figured out works for her hair. I'm sure she will be "tweaking" it as her hair gets longer, and as she gets to understand her hair better. That's the basis for building a regimen that will work.


1) Wet Hair Thoroughly
2) Condition & Detangle (start finger detangling, then use a wide tooth comb). This also helps to begin to define your curls
3) Rinse out Conditioner
4) Take a Handful of Eco Styler Gel (or Gel of your choice), and place it on top of your head
5) Let the water "melt" the Gel into your hair, while you distribute it with your fingers
6) Squeeze the water out of your hair
7) Style (she used a headband and "Pompadour" on this session)
8) Spritz with shine serum (can use coconut oil or a natural substitute)


I think this routine works well for her hair because she begins to define her curls from the moment that she begins detangling. The conditioner helps to get the curls ready to be "set" by the Eco Styler Gel. Using the water to kind of dilute the Gel is great because it doesn't take as long to dry. The only thing she thinks she needs to figure out is how to put conditioner underneath the gel. She says that it takes her hair forever to dry when she uses conditioner under the gel. Her curls are already in place by the time water hits them. The products serve only to define, shine, and "set". If she doesn't put gel in her hair, and it has a chance to dry, then her hair becomes frizzy like Izzy on Phineas & Ferb. 

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Curly Hair & Products to Control Frizz


  1. T has some beautiful hair. watching your video's has inspired me to go natural. but im scared tho

  2. My hair is very similar to hers & I have the same problem with me hair taking ALL day to dry, so one day (on accident lol) I let my hair dry a little before putting the conditioner & eco styler in it & it dried really fast! It also even looked better. So now when I co-wash, I ring all of the water out, put a little more conditioner & put the ecostyler and it works great. She should try it & see if it works for her (:

    1. Thanks Doll! That's how I do mine as well. I think she got her wash n go under control now LOL! Thanks for the tip, will definitely add it to tips and tricks on the blog as well as the channel.

  3. Have you ever tried "the conditioner".? I use the generic from Sally Beauty Supply, and then I put the Argon oil Eco Styler on, and then my girls dry nicer, but I usually have more strinkage this way and they are soft when they dry.