Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Experience Wearing Blown Out Hair "As Is"

Blow Out on Natural Hair

Who can resist a drink in a fancy glass?

Lots of Wind at the Boat Parade!

My Experience this weekend wearing Blown Out hair was really fun! We went to a boat show, which was of course located on the water LOL. I love that I didn't have to worry about my hair "reverting" because the texture created by the blow out was already left with slight water content. Meaning mostly that I didn't blow dry the life out of my hair. No efforts made during this blow dry was to "straighten" it. I knew that I was going to wear it "puffy" and big. So, the products used were minimal. I used some grape seed oil, vitamin e oil, and the chi iron guard heat protectant. It's not my favorite heat protectant, but I will use it until it's finished and make sure it doesn't interfere with my styling attempts. 

I confidently left my house knowing that I did my hair big and I loved it. Let me tell you---big hair is not to be worn on those days when you feel like being invisible! I attracted quite a bit of attention--all good! One guy inquired as to exactly how I got my hair to be so big. I told him I used the blow dryer, but he didn't believe that. I didn't know what else to tell him!

Of all of the "natural" hair textures/styles that I've worn, this one got the most compliments. Some natural hair sisters gave me lots of compliments, and I admired their hair as well! So much versatility, so many ways to enjoy...

My best friend wore her hair in a twist out, and didn't have to worry about her styling trying to revert back. My hair kept rising all night. As long as it didn't get into my face, I didn't mind. 

Some things you should know about blown out natural hair:

  • When the hair is blown dried, it will not hold definition as well as it would have if braids or twists were placed on wet or kinky hair.

  • It will continue to get bigger, and will probably revert back soon (especially if it wasn't blow dried dead straight).

  • It needs to be twisted up or braided up at night in order to stay stretched.

  • Must be moisturized (use pomades, and less water based moisturizers)--unless you don't mind your coils coming back right then.

  • Enjoy your styling, as there are many options for styling on blown out hair.


  1. I looooooooove your hair Tia!!! I have yet dared to do that. You looked so cute!

    1. Thanks Bunny! Yeah, your mind gotta be right to wear the hair like this LOL! I almost "flipped" one minute and went to pull my hair back. My friend grabbed my arm and told me to leave it!! I got so many compliments on this (girls and guys--so funny).