Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tips & Tricks to Two Strand Twists on Natural Hair

Two Strand Twists on Natural Hair Can Be Styled Many Ways!

I've Retained Length With Two Strand Twists

As my hair gets longer, two strand twists become tricky to do without damaging the ends. At times, when I'm twisting the roots, then my ends will twist around itself in the opposite direction. There are just certain things that I have to do in order to ensure moisturized twists that will last the length of time that I need them to last. Here are a few "tricks" or tips for anyone who is planning to embark upon the two strand twist journey.

1) Wash hair and scalp well

2) Condition Hair / Deep Condition Hair (this is especially helpful if you plan to wear without washing)

3) Detangle (You alone will know when it's best to detangle your hair. This is just when I detangle mine) 

4) Moisturize and Seal 

5) Make between 10 and 25 sections and braid them just to get them out of your way

6) I like to part my hair in diagonal direction at the nape area especially when doing my twists. This helps to avoid those "spaces" that make the head look like a spaceship.

7) Place moisturizer on each twist section prior to twisting (optional)

8) Begin your twist taut at the root area and continue down the shaft. Make sure to concentrate your moisturizer on the ends


Be mindful of your ends when splitting the section of hair that you are about to twist. Often when making those two sections, the ends get "torn". A good way to avoid this is to lightly spritz or lightly moisturize the ends with a water based moisturizer. Go light especially if you are wearing your twists in a stretched state and not wet twists.

Be mindful of your ends when you are taking down your twists. If you found it necessary to "steal" hair from one twist section to put into the other section and complete the twist---when you go to take this down, you will not be able to do a "clean sweep" and undo the twist. You will have to carefully take down the twist by locating where you shared the hair. This will help to avoid breakage.

Do you have to do small sized two strand twists for length retention? No way. You can do them big and style them while they are big. It will just last longer the smaller that they are. But on the flip side, you can quickly and easily refresh your bigger sized two strand twists. Whatever low manipulation styling that you decide to do, just do it.


  1. I agree on all of this. Good advice!

    1. @JazzWife Thank You Verrry much ;o) I'm learning new things each twist session LOL

  2. Do you ever wear any kind of braided exts? Just curious, I don't think I've ever seen you with any. I am always so torn...There are times when I like to wear braid ext for a longer manipulation break, 6-8 weeks of not touching my hair, But I always miss my own hair after about 4 weeks. It's bad! lol

    1. The last time I wore extensions in my twists was when I was transitioning. Gave me a nice break. I probably would only do it now if I wanted to add some color. Yep, same here--after about 4 weeks I want to have my hair loose. You are not alone LOL!