Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Without Support


The whole transitioning thing can be a very lonely experience if you do not have family support. If you are hearing discouraging comments, you may begin to doubt that your decision to grow your hair natural is a good one. I'm pretty sure that the reason you decided to go natural was a very good reason. How do I know this? Well, most people don't just think up things to do just to make their lives difficult. 

You started your journey sure of yourself and what your reasons were for making your decision to stop using the chemical relaxer/texturizer. Now people are saying things like "you don't look the same", or "you don't have the type of hair to do that", or making not so very nice comments about your hair styling. Like anyone, you will have bad hair days. It's okay. Let them talk. I'm not gonna say that it's not upsetting. But once you know what YOU want, then don't worry about what others have to say. 

  • Try to have a network (online or not) of other people who are transitioning and natural. This will sort of serve as a "relief" during trying times. You can be sure that they will have similar stories to share.
  • Don't sacrifice your sense of style just because you are transitioning! If you like to wear your hair straight, then KEEP WEARING YOUR HAIR STRAIGHT! Just be sure to use heat sparingly (approx. 2x a month), keep up with your deep conditioning (1x week), make sure to use the correct temperature on your flat iron, and other recommended safety precautions when heat is involved.
  • So you're not ready to cut? If you're used to long hair, then wait. Keep transitioning. You won't ever have to to the "big chop". Just keep trimming until no more relaxed hair is left. 
  •  Get confidence through knowledge. Learn how to care for and style your transitioning hair to your liking. Don't settle with a style that you saw someone else did. Do a style that YOU love. It may even become your "staple" or "go-to" style. That's okay! It's your hair. Also, it's JUST hair. 

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