Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Strand Twists & My Low Manipulation REGIMEN For Length Retention

Using Two Strand Twists To Grow Long Length Hair

I just got through putting two strand twists (small sized) on my hair. I really love two strand twists. I go to sleep at night on a satin pillowcase. I wake up in the morning, wash my face, put a little make-up on, maybe moisturize a little bit on the strands---and go. 

That's the very reason I didn't mind spending the 6 hours to do the twists. I'm planning on keeping these for about 3 weeks. I'm gonna try the kinky curly queen's way (no washing)!!!! That's going to be hard for me because my scalp starts to pile up oils and whatnot's by day 6. So we will see.

I've retained so much length from doing low manipulation styling. If I was to be styling my hair daily, I would have to cut/trim often. 


1)  I wash my hair one time weekly. If I need to wash before then because of a sweaty/itchy scalp, then I will co-wash.

2) In regards to detangling. I only detangle with a tool (brush/comb/etc) once a week. This means that I only detangle with a tool 4 times A MONTH. In between that, I will finger detangle. For some reason, fingers seem like they were designed specifically for detangling hair!
Wash N Go As a Low Manipulation Style

 3) When I do a wash n go--- that will last me about 5 days. I do not comb my hair during the time I am wearing my wash and go. 

Braidout as A Low Manipulation Style
4) When I do a braidout, I will wear it for about 5 days. During that time, I may re-braid it one time. Have you ever went to "section" your hair to re- braid--and hear the "ripping" sound when you reach your ends? That can't be good.

It is my belief that hair that is so twisty, springy, curly, coily does not like to be detangled often. The very nature of this type of hair is to curl around itself. constantly. I mean, right after you THINK you just untwisted it from it's neighboring hair. 

If you're not already trying this routine and are seeking additional ways to secure your ends, give this a try for about 2 months. You will save valuable time by not spending each day fighting with the natural behaviors of your hair. Also, you will see your length through the lack of broken/split ends.


  1. Hi Tia! This is Clarissa. It's been a while since I've last e-mailed you. I hope that all is well with you and your family. I really do enjoy all of your videos on Youtube about how to care for natural hair. I need some advice. I am currently 16 months post relaxer and am interested in using two strand twists to retain length and protect my ends. Do you usualy do your two strand twists on wet hair or do you air dry/blow dry your hair first and then twist your hair? Also, how do you keep moisture in your hair once you do the twists? I noticed that wetting the hair after styling causes it to frizz a bit. I have a habit of spraying my hair with water everyday and everynight to keep my hair moisturized. How do you keep your twists looking nice like that? And what about when you go to the gym? Do you rince or wash the twists if you sweat your hair out?

    1. @Clarissa Hey Love! Great to hear from you. Everyone's doing well. Hope everything is going good on your side! Congratulations on your transitioning! 16 months? Wow. I ended mine at 15 months, I was so ready! Do you have a lot of relaxed ends? You want to do 2 strand twists on transitioning hair, it's good to blow dry it on cool setting to swell the relaxed hair so it won't unravel. You can put some warm air on the natural roots. You won't be able to wet the relaxed portions of the twists. I usually do my twists on stretched hair (like 4 plaits the day I wash it, then take them down the next day--then do my two strand twists). I spritz my 2 strand twists with water, then put oil. I'm trying not to wet my twists anymore since they frizz and try to knot up. Inbox me if you want on the youtube channel. TTYL

  2. Hey There Tia! I've been following your Ytube channel since you're transitioning days. I think the first vid I saw was a cassia treatment you were putting on your transitioning..partially chopped hair! And Wow to see your hair today it's just grown by leaps and bounds! I had no idea that you've been keeping this blog. Your twists have always been one of my favorite I absolutely love how you've been able to retain so much length with your twist regimen. I am also starting a similar regimen,I have mini braids in right now to see if I love them as much as twists. Have you tried Minibraids? If so what do you think about them?

    1. What's up beautiful Chan! If you saw the Cassia treatment video, you truly have been here with us LOL! We appreciate that sooo much. Yes, I LOVE 2 strand twists. I think just 2 strand twists alone are a reason to go natural LOL! They are really beautiful on every hair type (just gotta learn how to place them based on hair thickness)..working on a video re: that! Anywhoo, about minibraids or small sized braids, my only problem is that the ends never seem to braid all the way. Always seems a little "bushy" at the ends, versus twists, where the ends twist into a nice spiral. One way I combat that with my braidouts is to twist when I come to the ends. Let me know what you find with your braids experience. Thanks for your message. I so happy I found out and joined your blog...u've got a wealth of info going on over there!

  3. Hey NewNew girl I bounce around from your blog to youtube vids its so hilarious! I was on here and there looking for the video of how you stretch your mini twists(I didn't see it) but I found this article and realize I never saw this response to my minibraid question! lol. Girl you are right the ends were bushy and I had to braid them to a point and then twists, which took away from the fullness that I wanted. They were a nice change but I will NOT be doing them again because that take down took FORever! I do have another question for you regarding mini twists, but I should probably email you! : )

  4. I appreciate this blog...I know I'm a little late on commenting lol, but right now I am doing just what you described and its only been about a month, and I already am seeing a huge difference in my hair. I have been natural most of my life, literally only permed my hair about 3 times in my whole life, and each time it only lasted about 6months to a year before I let it grow out again and stayed natural the rest of the routine would always be to wash, oil, cornrow to air dry, and puff...I never knew any of the natural hair lingo, never knew anything about conditioner or anything, and my hair never grew really long, only to about shoulder length. Now I have a serious regimen of weekly dc's, etc, and my go to style is twists and twist outs, and my hair is screaming THANK YOU THANK YOU! lol...I will DEF be keeping it up.....challenging myself to have my hair at BSL length by my bday in May (right now its at collarbone/shoulder length in the back) I have 5 months....ready, set, GROW!!! :)

    1. Hey Beauty! Gotta love the twists!!! I'm itching to do some twists for myself right now, but don't have the time to do them the size I want them. Sounds like you've got your regimen and/or your hair care needs figured then you will see the length that you want! I'm excited for the both of us LOL! Thanks for the message--'preciate you doll.