Monday, December 26, 2011

Want Guaranteed Results with Your Hair?


So, you--like me...want to grow long hair. 2012 I plan to get results.

Be it "natural" or relaxed, or any other chemically treated tresses, we just want it long-- we want results. Regarding hair growth: The fact of the matter is that our hair grows between 1/4'' to 1/2'' or thereabouts in a month's time. So figure that your hair grows 1/2''...within 6 months, your hair could be about 3'' longer! No big excitement there...that's pretty much what's been happening for all of us. 

And with that squared away, we move on the length now, not growth. Regarding length: It's all about the ends, baby. Of course the hair shaft is important too, but the ends are where the hair is most vulnerable. It really is the oldest part of the hair because it's been on the head longest, blah,'s subject to fabrics, heats, and being at the end (where we really try to lay it down), it truly takes a beating! So if the ends are so important to length, what do we do to care for and pamper it? There's a lot of things you can do to save your ends and retain your length.

The ends of our hair are most vulnerable--but that's what we need to save

Wash N Go's are Great Low Manipulation Styles. Add Conditioner & Spritz Daily

1) Moisturize with a leave in conditioner, and seal the moisture in with your favorite oil.

2) Deep condition your hair as needed, I deep condition 1 time each week.

3) Pre-poo (oils or conditioner before you shampoo), to prepare the hair for any harsh shampoos

4) Wear hair styles that put your hair into sections (for instance, two strand twists, finger coils), because there truly is strength in numbers.

5) Protect your ends by tucking them away into a style that you love. This is not mandatory, but it will yield you quicker, more sure and guaranteed results for keeping your length.

6) Detangle properly. Use detangling tools as needed (combs, brushes, etc). What I mean by this is to start detangling with your fingers, then use a wide tooth comb, then use a brush that is suitable for your hair. Most of the time you will not have to "go over your hair with a fine tooth comb" LOL Unless your styling plans call for that kind of detangling. 

7) Do not detangle every day. Keep your manipulation minimal. Styling options such as braidouts, twistouts, wash-n-go's, buns, etc can all be excellent low manipulation styling depending on your maintenance and care.

8) BE CONSISTENT. If it's working, keep doing it.

Well folks, gonna wrap it up for the day, this post was long enough. But if I forgot something, please share what you do to keep your length. No tricks to the growth, just tricks to keeping it on your head.

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