Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wearing and Styling Big Sized Two Strand Twists!

Big Sized Two Strand Twists are Great For Styling Little Girls!

I always thought that I had to spend hours doing mini twists (or small sized ones) to be able to enjoy and style them. But recently, I quickly put in about 35 to 40 bigger sized twists, and found out that they can be just as fun as the smaller twists! AND...they only took me about 40 minutes to do!  A great deal compared to the 7 hour stint that I do for the love of small sized 2 strand twists.

A few tips: I will need to place the twists at the hairline "strategically" so that they can be styled without lumping. Head the twists in the direction that you will wear them when styling. Since they are bigger, I want to start my twisting on hair that has been stretched so I can get the most length to work with. Finally, I know that 2 strand twists are the perfect low manipulation styling that gets moisturized pretty easy and frequently. It's the perfect storm for gaining length out of your hair. And without further ado, I wanna show some of the styles I did with my Big Ol' Two Strand Twists (and the beautiful twist-out I got from them)!!!
Two Strand Twists in a Bun Held by a Banana Clip

 I pinned one side over to the other side, creating a fuller section on the one side. This was achieved by using 2 bobby pins!
 This is the other side view. You can see that the twists are enough to ensure coverage of any parts that were made. I didn't use a comb to part my twists. I just used my fingers to separate.

The Classic Low Bun Using Two Strand Twists
 Achieve this classic "ballerina" styling with the low bun secured with bobby pins. Simply secure a low ponytail (can be placed off-side for added flavor). Take sections of twists and pin them loosely near the base of the ponytail holder. Do this loosely so that you can get the most full and "heavy" looking bun. This is an easy protective styling that can move from the playground mommy to the office.

The Roll and Tuck on Natural Hair Using Two Strand Twists
 Yet another elegant styling, this was created by taking some twists from the front and leading them towards the back. These twists were then placed into a ponytail holder (I actually used a no rip small rubber band). Then the section was tucked and rolled under, and then pinned securely under. The back was left out loose.

The Low Side Ponytail with Two Strand Twists

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