Sunday, December 4, 2011

What I Did To Get A Lengthy and Long Lasting Twist Out!


Previously, my twist outs looked like snakes. The hair shaft was always thick and wiry. It felt like a rope. Come to find out, that was what I was creating with the technique that I used then. I tried twists for a twist out a while back, and never re-visited them because each time I invested my precious time, I would be disappointed. A few days ago, I tried again.......this is what I did.

1) Stretched my hair the night before using the bun method (we have a post on this method)

2) Took the bun down the next day and moisturized my stretched hair

3) Detangle with a Paddle Brush. Final Detangle of each twist with a Tangle Teaser

4) This time, 1 hour of heat was applied in an effort to do a roller set (because that was the actual styling plan). However, I don't feel that this step is necessary. Can go straight from the stretched hair to moisturizing and twisting!

5) When the roller set failed (the hair became a puff ball), I did approximately 35-40 twists. 

6) My twists were done using the "brick laying" method. (Previously, I would twist the hair with a snap to the wrists--this would cause the strands to appear like a rope instead of like hair that has been defined as a group). So if you do your twists and while twisting the twists around each other, you also twist one of the twists itself, then that may be why your twist out will appear "snakey"

7) Took about 8 twists in each section and placed about 1 tablespoon of Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Gel into the palm of my hands. Rubbed my hands together and distributed the product from root to ends of each sections. Making sure it was distributed properly, because this would help my twists to last through the next few days.

 If you look closely, you can see a few of the twists look "snakey". Like a rope. I must have twisted my wrist at some point of doing that two strand twist.

Twist Out on Natural Hair: Two Days Later

I loved these twists! Even though they were bigger than usual, they styled well. Also, they were easily moisturized. I also love that they were not going to be manipulated a lot. I look forward to keeping them in for 1 or 2 weeks. 

It would be real easy to refresh the hairline area for that fresh look. The resulting twist-out was defined, had shine, was soft, easily maintained at night, and easily styled at day. Don't laugh at big twists! They are definitely worth trying out for that fabulous twist-out result.

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