Sunday, January 1, 2012

Consistent Actions For Expected Results: Are You Consistent?

I know most people make New Years Resolutions in regards to Losing Weight, Going to the Gym, Getting Fit, and other life changing actions.

I've been a part of that group, and decided that this year, I was not going to make that same mistake. Lets be real, by the 2nd month (if that), all bets are off--and I'm back to the same foolish eating, and seated position in front of the t.v. 

 What I plan to do differently concerning my fitness, exercise, activity level, and food intake--is to be real. What does that mean exactly?  I don't plan to "work out". I really want to just go outside and look around. Enjoy the smells of Fall, and take in some of the sights. If your climate/weather permits it still, it's a nice change from the gym to just get outside and run around. Chase the kids, chase a Frisbee with the kids, do some cartwheels with the kids (safely if possible)!

I've been jogging with T at the park, and it's been incredible. We found ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory this holiday (more times than we'd like to mention). To offset the start of a possible bout with laziness, we just decided to go outside and see what happens. Of course we had on our tennis shoes and work out clothes (just in case).
 Well, what happened next was short of miraculous. We "ran around" AND we LOVED IT! We walked fast, we talked fast, we broke out into a settled jog at a pace comfortable for both of us.

Because we enjoyed our time outside, we looked forward to doing it again the next day. And that we did. Three more of these days of "running around", and we built a consistent pattern of behavior that was being executed only because we enjoyed it.
 That's more likely to stick around and become a lifestyle more so than an "exercise regimen". We plan to incorporate other activities that will encourage sculpting, but for right now, we're happy with the cardio work.

Do you have an exercise regimen right now? If so, what do you enjoy about it? Is it consistent?

Consistent actions will provide results. Inconsistency will lead to no results, and impending frustrations. These feelings of frustrations usually lead to the decision to give up all efforts.

Since my previous New Years plans to commit to an exercise regimen has failed me consistently LOL, I will try this alternative for now, and just consistently "run around" outside for 4 days out of the week. No set regimen, just hanging out with my girls and "running around". Lets see what happens. 2012 asks for consistency and guarantees results.


  1. I used to go walking and running with my dad. We always walked (both fast and at normal pace) and ran about 6km a day (evenings, during the weekday and mornings during the weekend). It was quite fun especially when dad tried to race me. Gaah! it was like a daily routine till I became anaemic. Then I stopped because I got exhausted too easily and seriously, I sleep most of the time everyday because I get so tired. But, because I've been flexible since birth and I don't want to loose that, I stretch a lot daily and I'm trying to see if I can handle pilates. I'll try it out from time to time this year and if my body can handle it, by next year September, I'll be attending pilate classes/sessions every week! :)

    1. Sounds like good times, good times. I love to go running with T! You gotta let your dad win the race sometimes LOL! I think most teenagers sleep a lot (I remember lots of sleep time when I was a teenager). The sleep was yummy LOL. Make sure you keep on top of your nutrients and keep your family on top of how you're feeling health-wise. Good to stay flexible. Most people aren't. Sounds like fun Bunny! Keep in Touch!