Friday, January 20, 2012

FINE HAIR: Going From Flat Ironed Straight Back To Coily Without Tangles


After 2 weeks of wearing her hair straight, Miss Dimples was ready to get her coils back. Yes, at 5 years old, my girl has decided that she rather prefers her coils. She had the biggest smile on her face after her hair responded to the water in the way that it knows how.

I'm not sure what went down during her straight hair styling at school, but she always came home a bit frizzy. Lets face it, she's always coming home frizzy, but with her hair straight, the frizz just seemed more exaggerated. Oh well, whatever it was, I'm glad she feels more at home with her coils, because her hair is not the type to be close friends with heat.

Her hair easily tangles, also, some of the ends were "matted" in the process of straightening, and is prone to breakage if combed dry, I didn't comb her hair while it was straight

This is just a few characteristics that I feel are common of the different hair densities, textures, etc. Like I always say, "Listen to the hair".  Not combing her hair did not effect her styling. Mostly her hair was in ponytails (cleaned up with a soft bristle brush). Small amount of gel used at the hairline to try to "hold it down" during the school day. Moisturized daily with the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine (good stuff). Focused on the ends.
Working in Sections Helps Avoid Extra Tangles

I didn't just wet her hair to revert it back. Why not? Her hair just needs one good excuse to tangle up! Here's What We Did:

1) Rub Tresemme Anti Breakage Conditioner onto the ends of her hair, then put it into 4 sections.(This made it possible to section the hair without breaking the dry ends).

2) Saturate each straight section with the Tresemme. Even after the hair was saturated, it still stayed straight. I'm guessing the Nourish & Shine created a coat that was not quickly penetrated by the conditioner.

Shampooed/Conditioned, Can You Tell Which Section Has No Leave In?
3) Rinsed out one section at a time. As the conditioner was rinsed out of 1 section, then I shampooed that section with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo. Concentrating on the scalp, I gave her a good massage with the balls of my fingertips.

4) After each section was shampooed, I used the Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor as a protein treatment.

5) Detangle the hair in Sections, then rinse out the Aphogee.

6) Her hair was placed into 4 Plaits and towel dried with a microfiber towel and/or t shirt.
At her nape area, I noticed a section of loose curls that I don't recall being there before. I'm not sure if this is heat damage or just because product still remains on the hair shaft. I find that after a flat iron session, it really takes a good mud wash to remove products that were flat ironed onto the hair. Also, product remaining on the hair for 2 weeks without any water may prove to need more than one quick wash.

Possibly Heat Damage or Product Still Sits Into the Hair Shaft

I plan to do a Cassia Obovata Treatment and a steam session on her hair this weekend. I didn't have time to do a deep condition to her hair when I reverted her hair back to coily because I had to do it on Monday (the Dr. King holiday), and was still running around on schedule that day.


I did something differently this time with her leave in. It may have not been the best time to do this, but I've been wanting to see what her hair is like without any leave in product. Yeah, pretty scary, but I did it to half of her hair. On 2 plaits, I used the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine Leave In. On the 2 other plaits, I used NOTHING. Once her hair dried, you want to know what the difference was between the two sections? Appearance: SAME   Feel: The section without product felt silky   Movement: SAME

Have You Used Little to No Product on Your Hair after Your Wash/Condition Session? It would make a great baseline to establish the true needs of your hair. Without seeing it "naked", you may not really get to figure out what you hair may or may not need. I plan to try this soon. Real Soon.

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