Friday, January 6, 2012

Flat Ironed Hair Update: Days 1 through 4 with "Natural Hair"

Bantu Knots on Flat Ironed Hair: Slight Wave

To my surprise, Lil miss Dimples kept up her flat ironed hair! Day 1, I tried to do a wrap with the satin scarf, and of course she sleeps so wild that the wrap came off. That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was when she came into our room at 3am in the morning asking if one of us could fix it!! Her Dad said he didn't know how to fix it (big shock), and so he woke me up and asked me to fix "the thing".

Day 2 and 3 I opted to put some Bantu knots and pin it down then scarf it down (y'all could tell that I didn't want any more early morning disturbances). That worked out well, but I think I used the wrong product that night for hold. I used the Jane Carter Nourish and Shine (which is great for shine and moisture of sorts), but I needed like a lotion for all day hold of the Bantu knot curls. You can see them on the right side of her head LOL!

By Day 3 (Wednesday), we stuck with the Bantu knots, and that was a safe bet. She was enjoying her straightened hair, but was no longer overly excited. I'm glad because I don't plan to flat iron her hair more than 2 to 3 times a year. The main reason being that her hair is very fine, and I don't think fine hair was really ever equipped to handle a relaxer or too much heat. If you check it out, most of the people who struggle with getting length and thickness on their relaxed hair, their unprocessed hair is probably in the fine category. That's just my take on it....

 This ponytail was miss Dimple's request by Thursday. We kept up with the Bantu Knots at night. I didn't comb through her hair at all. The reason being: Her ends seemed to be "matted" together during this heat process, and I didn't want to risk breakage by continuously trying to detangle hair that was seemingly frozen together. That didn't cause any problems with her styling, so not a problem. I have a different mentality on detangling now. I will not force hair to detangle while in a fragile or vulnerable state. I can just wait.

I put some of the tea tree on her scalp too (I did a patch test first). She typically has itchy scalp too by day 5, and this time--she has not been scratching her scalp. This is great news all the way around! Longer style time with two strand twists, flat ironed hair, the sky's the limit!
Bantu Knots held better when I used the Shea Moisture Styling Milk. I just used a little bit. This was a good product to choose because it's pretty thick, while adding great moisture. It didn't revert the hair, and it gave a nice style aid.

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