Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Fro Hawk Styling with Two Strand Twists


Feeling in a different mood, I tested out the true versatility
of my two strand twists. Also I guess I've been "spoiled" by being able to just get up and go. And with this whole "no wash thing" I've got going (putting that tea tree oil up on the scalp for relief), I pretty much jump  at the opportunity to style my hair (only every once in a while). I see in the picture below that I missed a few twists. Oh well, that adds some authenticity.

Two Strand Twists & Flat Twist Combo: Fro Hawk Styling

 I barely just swooped each side towards the middle and then pinned down vertically to secure. Took about 5 minutes, but it definitely gave me a different look. Probably gotta re-do the flat twists once a week for that "clean" look. So Monday the 2nd of January started my 3rd week with these twists, and I haven't gotten tired of them yet. I am shocked.

My hubby called this hairstyle the predator hair style. I ain't gonna hate (although the kids said he was hating because I looked cute LOL) --those crazy kids. But yeah, I'm going to agree that this is the hair style that the predator wore (hahaha the predator didn't wear no hair style. That was his head!!). What ever! I enjoyed my predator hair.

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