Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Bantu Knot Attempt. But I Worked It?

 Part of the Holiday happenings was that hubby and I got a chance to catch a movie. We haven't been to the theaters in a while, and I wanted to go see "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". I'd never read the book, all's I know is that I saw the preview a while back and knew that movie was going to be raw.

Well, raw it was (but not in the sense that I originally meant). It was great, but don't bring your young teen to watch it---I'm glad I didn't. I must've not read the ratings!

Anywhoo, I can't stop thinking about the hairstyles that were done in this movie!

 When the actress, Rooney Mara first walks into the scene, you are in for a shock. Hair, clothes, piercings, tattoos, the works. And at first, I Hated (with a capital H) the hair cut. I thought "hideous". She had a 1/4'' bang laying down--leaving a go-head-fo-head situation. Her sides appeared "scraggly" for a lack of a word (and why didn't my spell check blow up on that word)? Her sides were stringy and longer than the crown and the nape. Pair this with the 1/4'' bang and fo-head, then you have a mess.

Well, as the movie progresses, there were a variety of hairstyles done on this cut that were phenomenal in my opinion. Apparently, the 1/4'' bangs were able to be covered by the longer section of hair behind it. Those longer strands were sometimes pulled over the crazy looking bangs, and that gave a totally different look! There were a few styles with Mohawks, Bantu knots (yes, Bantu knots), cornrows (yup), ponytails, buns, beanie caps, I mean, you

name it--they did it. You have to see the movie to believe it.
 It just goes to show, hair doesn't have to be long in order to be sexy. A cute cut that allows a little length for some versatility will work wonders for a person who likes to change up their look often. This style here--I couldn't forget the Bantu knots they did on her hawk cut in the movie, and I tried to replicate it a little bit with my twists. It definitely wasn't the same, but I enjoyed the style anyways. I don't know what that blue thing is in my hair, but it wasn't supposed to be there.

I put a black banana clip about 2'' above my nape, and left about 3'' of hair out at the front (from the forehead, and going back). I did Bantu knots all the way up and down the middle section. It's a work in process for me, and I will try it again to get it less sophisticated LOL. And amp up the "punk" look!
 This served as a great protective style. I was ready to get all that hair off my shoulders and out of my face, so this saved the day while I did a little after Christmas shopping.

I couldn't remember what they did with this style at the front in the movie. I'm telling you, when you see this movie, don't blink and miss 1 hairstyle!
 So I worked it, and made it my own. That's what you gotta do. I just braided up some twists in the front and pinned them up so they could loop around some.  See this is why I love two strand twists. They allow so much versatility. 

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