Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How To Deal With Dry Braid Outs & Twist Outs During the Cold Winter Weather

Pulled Hair Back into Ponytail After a Disappointing Braid Out

Yesterday, I took down my 8 plaits (that were previously moisturized, mind you), to reveal a semi defined, braidout. That wasn't the bad part. I was disappointed that my hair felt dry, felt hard, and looked like it felt! I'm not even joking when I say it felt like hay (okay, maybe I haven't felt hay in a while), but it was feeling crunchy. I wish I had taken pictures with it out (shown above in high bun). I was in a rush to get out of the house, and was getting frustrated. To fix this, I could re-braid everything that night after I thoroughly moisturized, but I felt like I already used enough products the first time. Here's what I used to moisturize on day 1:

1) Spray bottle mix of 1 ounce aloe Vera gel, and 2 tablespoons of Castor oil

Later that night.....

2) Jojoba oil (generously) and re-braided only the front. Put the back portion in a low ponytail

After that, I couldn't understand why my hair stayed dry. I remembered when I had my hair in two strand twists, and how soft and moisturized they stayed during the entire 4 weeks of twists.

Two Strand Twists are the ULTIMATE Moisture Keeper!

When I had the twists, I only had to moisturize about 1 time every 2 to 3 days! I used the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine, but nothing major, just a tiny amount.

Last night I attempted to moisturize again, thinking to change my technique, and my products (slightly). I  don't like re-braiding my braid outs, mostly because I'm lazy. Secondly, I just don't like to manipulate my hair really...at all. Here's what I did differently:

1) 1 finger full of Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask, mixed in my hand with a squirt (not very technical) of Castor Oil. Rubbed my hands together, then rubbed this mixture into the ends of my braidout, and then moved on up nearing to the roots. I didn't section, just took the big bush of hair and applied this. 

2) Did 1 small plait at the bang area (because that went totally flat), then took the rest of my hair and did a high bun on top of my head (to let me sleep in peace without a big bulge at my neck). I tucked in the ends into the scrunchie, so that they weren't exposed. The next morning, my hair felt soft, and looked moisturized. Not just the ends, the whole body of hair. 

Keep the Moisture by Bulking Your Hair Together at Night

Braidouts, Twistouts, Winter Moisture Capture on Natural Hair

Evidently, moisturizing my hair with something "a little bit stronger", and then "bulking" my hair into a mass (while ensuring the ends were tucked in), gave me a moisturized result. I'm sure if I added a scarf or even a plastic shower cap, I would have gotten more moist results, but I'm not one for all of that LOL! I do use a satin pillowcase nightly, though.

With a little night time "tweaking", I got shine and moisture. Not much define, as I'm not one to re-braid nightly. I don't mind just using the stretch for my "big" hairstyle. LENGTH RETENTION 2012, Remember? Hahaha!! We're gonna do it ;o) Meanwhile, I'll enjoy a few braidouts, but I know I have to pile all of my hair together at night after I've moisturized with something a little "strong". 

Do you have the proper moisturizers and technique for winter braid out/ twist out wear? 

Will you even bother with braid outs or twist outs while it's cold?


  1. Love your blog. Great post! Sounds easy and simple. I'm transitioning and can't wait til I have more length, but I do some similar things already with my daughter's hair. However, the night time routine you described here sounds like somthing I may try next time she is wearing a braid out or twist out. It helps give a little more definition in the front without having to re-braid/twist the whole head. Plus, moisture retention is always a struggle so I'm definitely gonna try bunning it after moisturizing at night.
    Question - I still struggle with the hair typing concept. It helps to see a picture and then hear the type. Do you know what hair type you are? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Hotmomc! R U having fun with the transition? I hope so ;o) If you get a chance to try the bunning after your moisturizing regimen, let me know the morning results please! WE definitely need moisture feedback over the cold Winter months. I'm pretty confused about the hair typing myself. I saw someone with my same hair texture, and she said she was a 4b, so maybe I am too hahaha. Hope that helps

    2. Transitioning can be frustrating. The last time I went natural, I BC'd and I get tempted now. But, I'm trying to hold out for more length. I'm about 3 months in. The two textures are noticeable now. My roots get puffy after styling. I usually try to match the new growth, rather than straightening. I can only detangle wet, buy don't want to have to wet it everyday. Saw some advice on another site about using gel on the new growth when braiding or twisting, to combat puffy roots. Did you ever deal with this? Or maybe that's a hair type issue. Idk. Lol! I asked about hair typing so that I can understand which products suggested may work best, or not, on me or my little ones.

    3. Oh, and I am loving the new growth! Can't stop touching it (maybe that is causing the puffiness. lol). Happy I chose to go back natural. Enjoying the journey, but just having styling issues. Let me know if you had the puffy root issue after styling and how you dealt with it. Btw, my hair is about mid-back length when straightened. Most of the time, lately, it's bunned because my twist outs or BKOs are failing

    4. I know for the 1st YEAR I had "Hand in Hair Syndrome" Hahaha! I loved how it felt. It wasn't just me. I have a post on here about transitioning hair and laying down the edges. Check under Topics by post.

  2. Hey Tia, I have been wearing a wash n' go and today I did flat twists. It came out ok, but I noticed close up at work that I had some product on my ends. I remember I rubbed some moisturizer and oil on my ends so I'm wondering if that did it. I can't see all that well in my house and I was rushing. Won't make that mistake again. Everyone liked it though. Also my hair curls more in the back and that's where my shrinkage kicks butt! iol I wanted to break out the blow dryer so badly but I said no.

    I also diffuse or just put my wash n' go in a bun then go to bed, The next day I spritz and walk out. It's LIKE -4 DEGREES HERE!!! I'm not walking out with no wet hair!!!! lol

    1. Hey Hun! When did you get a chance to do a wash n go in the 4 degree weather!!! I did one yesterday afternoon, jogged at the park (it was about 70 degrees), and I STILL went to bed with wet hair. It's morning now and my hair is STILL wet. This is ridiculous.