Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Uber Defined Braid Out On Natural Hair & What Products We Used


Ultra Defined Braid Out On Natural Curly Hair
Hey All! So I promised my girl T that I could do a sweet braidout on her hair (seeings as she's not a braidout enthusiast on her hair).

What she wanted was to keep some length (you know how first day braidouts steal the length--for those of us that even care).

1) On hair that was about 75% dry, I did corn braids. The hair was sectioned horizontally at the crown area. This way, I could do vertical corn braids of about 5 on the top section, and another 5 on the bottom section. Basically, this allows for those of us who are not that great at doing corn braids to stop halfway through before we get into problems. At the forehead area, that section was braided towards the forehead so that she could have the hair "in the face" look. She actually liked how this braidout turned out!

1) Jane Carter Nourish & Shine
2) Taliah Waajid "Lock it Up"
3) Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
4) Giovanni's L.A. Hold Hair Spritz

Braidouts Done on 80% Air Dried Hair Gives Some Length
The products you use for a ultra defined braid out will also depend on your hair texture. Looser curls will use different products for definition than tighter curls. Also, differing hair thicknesses will need different viscosity products. I will review that information in a different posting, as it will take a lot of guesswork out of styling. "Getting to Know" your hair will be the best thing for you to save time on "failed" styles.

This Braidout Had Hold Thanks to The L.A. Hold Hair Spritz by Giovanni


  1. Hello. I notice on one of your videos you said that you and kids nationality is a mix of Liberian/American/Jamaican. That really cool because my parents are from Liberia. Any ways I'm about T's age and I don't know what to do with my hair (I'm transitioning). I have type 4 hair and it get really tangled. Thanks.

    1. Hey Belinda! I'm seeing this message LATE, but happy transitioning to you. Tangled hair and transitioning goes hand in hand most of the time b/c of the extremely different textures. You gotta find your products (primarily conditioner that gives you good slip), and deep condition weekly. Work on your moisture levels, and watch for protein balance (especially the relaxed hair). Working in sections helped us a lot while transitioning. Anywhoo, check out our video line-up, we've got a video on detangling transitioning hair! HTH Thanks for the message Beautiful!