Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's My Hair Length Looking Like Now? Two Strand Twists Grow That Hair!@

My Mini/Micro Twists on Natural Hair


 Hello Dolls! I know it's been a minute, but it's been so hectic on the home front. In an effort to not to have to deal with hair, I spent 2 days twisting up my hair!!! Yeah, 3 hours on the first day, and about 4 hours on the 2nd day. My wrist started to hurt! No joke.

Anywhoo, just popping in to share some thoughts on this whole two strand twist situation. I love them. I'm still sticking to my decision to keep them from getting wet. I let the steam from my shower work on them. So they get moisture. I also mist them in the morning or at night with a mist bottle, and then put my favorite oil of the day. For this week, I'm using hemp seed oil! 

I bought a lot of 4 different oils, and I'm learning what they do to my hair separately. Loving the hemp seed oil so far. Great for my hair and face! Softens everything and calms down any inflammations (which I have bouts of).

Comparing December's set of twists (left) to the new set (above in red top), the recent ones are way smaller (maybe even micros). I like them both! When the twists are done smaller, they stretch down longer, so that's something to consider, anyone seeking length with their twists. They also look a bit more meager (skinny). That's okay for me right now. As soon as I take these out, there's gonna be some "big hair wearing" LOL! 

Have I noticed any growth between these twists and the last set (I believe the last set was done in December and lasted until the 2nd week in January. Definitely! I'm at bra strap length now (which is hard for me because my bra strap goes pretty low LOL). I mean, in inches, I'm measuring 14'' right now. I plan to flat iron in March (just for the fun of it).

Oh, and I wanted to mention that the way that I stretched my hair for the twists, caused my ends to look the way they do (they look like they're loose). So, the stretch you do prior to your twisting will cause your twists to look a certain way. I used a failed roller set attempt (yeah, I'm still trying Hahaha), as my stretch for the twists. That means I put heat on it, but my hair still came out fuzzy. So my ends started out fuzzy, but with the use of the misting and oil, they just look like they're untwisted. My ends got jokes.

For now, I'm having fun with these, but stay tuned, some styles and texture ideas for your two strand twists soon to come.


  1. hello Tia! I have a question for you,my hair have A LOT of volume,and bcuz of it my Dear Braidouts are sooo big! And im like T,i dont like "Big Hairstyles" so im wondering if you have any sugestions for me,im a teenager and im transitioning ALONE, my family and friends dont support me on this and keep telling me to get my hair relaxed,but i love my natural hair and im learning how to take cair of it...PLEASE Help me find a solution to my "volume Issue".Thanks

  2. Tia,

    You know this is ridiculous, right? Your hair is amazing. You might have to hire someone to help you carry it around for you soon. Your hair grows really fast. You have been blessed for sure!!

    1. I was just telling T yesterday that around this time next year, our hair could very well be to our waist area!! We were laughing how when we were relaxed, we never said anything like that. We probably could have, if we would have figured out what to do with our relaxed hair LOL. Your hair is actually longer than mine, so I'm gonna have to come up there and help you carry yours around first Hahaha!