Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shea Moisture's Curling Souffle REVIEW: A CLOSER LOOK AT MY COILS


I do not kid when I tell you that I'm searching for a way to wet my hair in the shower and slap a product on it quickly, and then be done with my hair. 

That's what I did to achieve the "cutesy" styling that I wore in the these two pictures (above and below). One bobby pin and 1 small hair comb later, I was done. My hair air dried. What product did I use to define my coils? The shea moisture curling souffle! I didn't like this product as a curl styler at first, but I realize that I had the wrong expectations of it. Now that I used it just to stop my hair from swelling up into a frizz ball, I realize the beauty of it. It actually froze my coils (in a not so crunchy way), and gave me shine! I originally wanted it to weigh down the hair like my conditioners that I use for my wash n gos. The Curling Souffle is not thick enough!

Look at the definition from the Curling Souffle! I realize when I take the time to put a product on, and really look at what it's doing, then I will have a product that I can use towards my styling. Look at the shine that it gave too!

To test out what can be done with this slapped on product (Shea Moisture Curling Souffle), I put my hair in a bun, to see how it would look stretched out. Can the product keep my coils intact? Lets see...

 By pulling my hair back into this simple bun, I was able to have a style while stretching for the bigger coily fro. I noticed that my hair felt soft and light when I pulled it down from the bun (about 3 hours later). I simply added some shea butter/mango butter/oils mix throughout and fluffed as I went. I got a nice, big, bouncy head of fluff with coils at the end (the coils were preserved while in this bun).

My stretched out coily fro

My stretched out Coils are fluffy, soft, still textured, and highly coily at the ends, since the ends were not involved with the stretch. For night time, I plan to pull the hair back into a banded style ponytail, while leaving the coily ends out. Gonna sleep on a satin pillowcase so I can keep all of my moisture. All in all, I'd say that Shea Moisture Curling Souffle is a keeper. I've already figured out 2 ways to use it that help to shine and define my hair! I'd be interested to see what it does to other curl sizes. Might try it on T's hair just to see how the looser coil reacts to it.

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