Saturday, March 24, 2012

Long & Healthy Afro Textured Hair: Straight Without a Relaxer or Keratin Treatment


Straight Hair Without Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I saw a t-shirt recently that was advertising for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. I guess it was from some salon Promo Event. The t-shirt said "Lose the Bush", and then it had "Brazilian Keratin" treatment on it. It showed a silhouette picture of bushy (Afro textured hair?)--with a big, red X over it. 

It only made me sad because just a few days before, I received an email from Environmental Working Group that shared information about one of the many toxic ingredients that the Keratin Treatments are said to have. The article specifically spoke of the high levels of Formaldehyde that is often found in the treatment. Browsing through the Skin Deep Database, I read up on some products that I previously used. Most of them contain numerous chemicals to be placed on the scalp by gloved hands.

I write this post only to share that I wish I knew that my hair could be straight without using harmful, sickening chemicals. My personal experience with the  relaxer has brought me into the doctors office, and then later a specialist.
Straight Hair Without Relaxer Use

 I've used many boxes of Affirm Relaxer. I know I've used my share of Dark & Lovely Relaxers. I can't even name all of the Relaxers I've used, because most hair dressers didn't bother to share that info with me.

For sure, my hair NEVER came out this lush, thick, healthy, AND LONG in all my Relaxed days.

The ends of my hair are probably so confused. They've not been in a situation where they weren't constantly breaking. My hair shaft is totally used to being thinned out (also breaking).

The purpose of this post is to share with anyone who is looking for an alternative to chemical use, but would still like to get that "Dark & Lovely" Straight, hahaha. Or even that "Soft & Beautiful" Look. To start, you're already Lovely, Beautiful, maybe even Dark like me, and hopefully Soft like most girls are LOL. 

About the straight look, if that's your signature look, then by all means---do it. It's a beautiful look (I will admit). It's just another beautiful look option that I have in my arsenal. Never before has my ponytail grown this long! Never before has my hair grown this long!                                        

Use of a blow dryer, a flat iron (purchased from the mall), and some avocado oil produced these results.  Check out Our YouTube Channel for a Tutorial on this Texture Option!
The Longest Ponytail I Ever Had!

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