Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two Strand Twists On Natural Hair (Photos)


Hey Beautiful! My 3 weeks in "Two Strand Twist Heaven" is officially over. This is my 2nd set for the year, and I can see myself doing them again around the first week in April. I haven't done any braidouts in a long time, and I'm curious to see how they look at this length, so that's the next up style. Considering to do them on hair that's been blow dried. 

I'm not going to do another post on how much I believe that two strand twists (installing, maintaining, and take down) are so magnificent for length retention. Nope. I will spare you that. This post is just to show some pics, tell you how much fun I had with them, and how easy my life was while I had them in. As I type this post, I have a huge curly Afro going on. T asks "Did you wash your hair yet?" NOPE. I'm spoiled rotten. I've had 3 weeks of not having to do anything whilst still maintaining my cute LOL! 

I'll wash tomorrow :( Boo to Detangling. I sprayed my conditioner/water mix earlier, and my hair feels real soft. Hopefully the detangling process will be easy. Don't sleep on two strand twists. Challenge yourself to 2 sets (at 3 weeks a set). It doesn't have to be back-to-back, but the 6 week break will do wonders for length retention (almost 1 full inch).

----Catch you latersssssssssssssss  <3 tia

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