Friday, March 2, 2012


Bored With Your Wash N Go? Get Excited About Hair Accessories!

 Often at a loss for styling options when I wear my hair coily, I was inspired by a dear friend-sister the other day to use hair accessories! There are so many hair accessories for us curly girlies that I'm surprised that I forgot. The piece you see below is a vintage item she got as a gift.

 I've got some ideas for when I take my two strand twists out in a few weeks. Right now I'm enjoying hassle free, get-up-and-go styling! She played with my twists and put me into the "Jennifer Lopez Bun"! It was really fun to play with the accessories (and she's got many). 

 Spring inspired, Summer ready hair accessories will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Also making your wash n go's more versatile. Just adding an eye catching headband can sometimes make all the difference to a puff, ponytail, or bun.

Hair accessories can dress up an outfit or dress it down. Here she took a gold toned headband in the shape of a bow, and used it to dress up her puff of coils.
A Gold Toned Bow Adds a Nice Touch to the Coils

Hair Accessories Help Tame Fly-Aways on Natural Hair

 Metallic colors are in this Spring, Coppers, Brushed Silver tones! Paired with Black for an instant pop of color and texture (studding). We loved this one!

Many of these pieces were purchased from Forever 21 (Yeah, you knew it). I often go into that store just to see their accessories. They have the sweetest necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, rings, bracelets!

So ladies, just "popping in" to say "Have fun with your beautiful coils"!!!

I showed you mines, now you show me yoursssssss

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