Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dry Hair Frustrations? Yet Another Moisture Option for Your Natural Hair!


Hey All! I talk about natural hair and dryness so much. Mostly I deal with dry hair whenever I do Dimple's hair for school. Especially if I didn't take the time to moisturize it the night before. You know those nights where every one's running late for homework, dinner, bath time, bed time. 

In this post I want to share with you what I've been doing to combat her dry, ashy looking hair. Previously, I used the tightly curly method on her hair. Basically the tightly curly method encourages use of thick viscosity conditioners without cones (i.e. some cones are: silicone, dimethicone, etc) to coat the hair and leave it on as a styler. This works well for Dimples, but was mostly done last Summer, because as the time grew colder, I didn't want her walking around with a wet head of hair.

The tightly curly method helped keep her hair looking lustrous and shiny. To combat any hard, dry feeling, every morning I would mist her hair with water to re-activate the conditioner/moisture. Simple. Styling was easy, I could still put it in any style I wanted. Mostly I did buns, ponytails (kindergarten styles).

Results Using the Tightly Curly Method. Lustrous, Moisturized, Curls Defined

Recently, I've been doing the curly girl method for my hair (I think LOL). No shampoos used, plenty of co-washing, and low manipulation styling with conditioners without cones (extremely similar to the tightly curly method). That's been working out great, and now I began using that on Dimples. I will cleanse her scalp with Amla powder mix. I will coat her hair with Giovanni 50/50 or most other thick and all natural hair conditioners. Styling can be as usual. I do braidouts on this texture. 

What I did to achieve this texture and moisture level:

  1. Co-washed hair on Sunday with Giovani Max Volume Conditioner
  2. Used a handful of Giovani Max Volume Conditioner as a leave in to coat the hair
  3. Placed hair into 4 chunky twists (that night)
  4. Took 4 twists down (in the morning)
  5. Styled hair as usual (did a curly ponytail that day)


What happens with this technique is that the hair is not stretched, and the coily texture remains. This was a wash n go done the night before, 4 twists done, then taken down in the morning. No walking around with wet hair when you use this technique. Shinkage is not going to be as prominent due to the chunky twists kept in overnight.

The next few days the hair got dry and started looking ashy and frizzy

Thursday night, I opted to put some moisture and seal it in. I spritzed her hair with water (the best moisturizer of all times)! Then I put Shea butter mix (Shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil) to seal in that moisture. I did 4 chunky plaits for a braidout the next day. The result was a defined braidout with sheen and softness. The foundation of this moisture is the Giovani Max Volume Conditioner. The water re-activated the conditioner, and the Shea butter mix sealed it all in. This combination created the perfect combination of moisture.

Braid Out using Water sealed by Shea Butter Mix STYLE: PONYTAILS!!!

 I predict that the Shea butter mix will serve as a slight blocker to any future moisture that I use on her hair, and I will soon have to wash with Amla powder mix to remove the layer of butters. We shall see....we'll keep you up to date!

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