Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Style Natural Hair Without Breaking The Ends: While Straightened

Natural Hair While Heat Straightened
Fun, Fun, Fun with my Blow Dryer, Flat Iron, and eventually straightened out coils. I enjoyed the two weeks, and tried to keep manipulation to a minimal. Here's a Few Tips on Avoiding Breakage While your hair is Straight:

1) Make sure your ends are moisturized properly. While heat straightened, it's not wise to use water moisturizer, so I used Butter Based moisturizer, mixed with oils. Any time I felt I needed to, I would just add some avocado oil to my ends.

2) Minimize combing, even though it's tempting. Try to smoothe with your hands, fingers. I know the hair can't be wrapped without comb/brush, so that's unavoidable. Just keep it moist if you must wrap.

3) Combing/Brushing hair over a light colored surface will enable you to see if any hair ends are breaking. You'll also get to monitor the amount of shed hair. This is a great way to know if you need to amp up your moisturizing! I used my Vanity Table Top. I saw no breakage (Yayyy)!

4) Do styling that doesn't require combing through the ends. Bantu Knots were great! Just grab a section, moisturize, wind up, knot, then go to sleep. When I took them down in the morning, all I had to do was fluff and go! NO DAMAGE.

Moisture and Healthy Ends Show Well on Coily Hair

In the end, I did everything possible to save my ends, as that's where I will ultimately gain my length. And don't forget, that's how I'll keep my coils looking healthy and moisturized for daily wear! I hope to pick up 3 more inches of healthy hair by August 2012, which will bring me close to mid back length. Meanwhile, I'll just keep having fun thinking up sweet Summer Hairstyles for my coily girl wash n go's! See you then ;o)                   ---tia


  1. Ur curls are beautiful, What did u use in ur hair?
    My curls shrinks so much. Sometimes it's so annoying.

    1. Hey Love! You won't even believe what's going on with the coily hair LOL! Those curls in this post were achieved by a little bit of Yes to Carrots (just ran through the hair in 10 seconds). I put (2) two strand twists in the bang area, and pulled the whole head of hair back into 1 big lumpy braid. Went to bed, and pulled the braid and the 2 two strand twists down in the morning. Fluffed and went. Crazy! Gonna keep trying and see if it is a guaranteed look LOL! Thanks for the message Love!

  2. I likey, it's simple and beautiful. Did u wet ur hair or is this on dry hair

    1. Ooops, forgot the most important part...wet out the shower hair LOL

  3. no problem, I"m gonna try, I'm your Copy Cat, LOL
    love ur hair and simple styles.

  4. Be sure to let us know if you are able to replicate the curly look. It is lovely! And what did it look like when dry?