Friday, April 13, 2012

My Prediction Was Right! The Shea Butter Blocked Some Moisture


Day 1 The original product on her hair is the Giovani Max Volume Conditioner (lightly, not saturated). Her hair was put in 4 chunky twists overnight and pulled down in the morning.
RESULT: Defined Coils with Shine and Slight Hold. STYLING: Simple High Ponytail to Highlight her Coils that were poppin!

Day 3: Wednesday Night Was a Braidout on top of the Coils. Shea Butter mix was used. I only did 4 Plaits. NO DETANGLING! RESULT: Soft, Wavy, Defined Braidout
DAY 5: Thursday Night was a re-braid with water refresh and Hemp Seed Oil. Only 4 Plaits done. RESULT: Stretched Coils that picked up the braid crinkle/waves. Hair that was originally at ear/neck length is now down her back. The hair feels a bit hard, and somewhat dry. STYLING:  I placed 2 braids at the hairline, and pulled them back to form a braided band detailing.

 My prediction was correct. The hair didn't accept the water moisturizing as well. Most likely due to the coating of Shea Butter mix from the night before. How I know it didn't get the full benefit that water has to offer our hair is because the hair felt dry and hay like. It got great definition, though.

With this in mind, not everyone's hair will react to the Shea Butter (or Butters) like this, but it's something to watch for. Does your hair feel soft and moisturized a night or two after placing the butters on the shaft for a braidout or twistout?

I previously did an experiment using Shea Butter and reviewing the way water plays with it, and it showed that it will allow the water, but it definitely gave a slight barrier. Not an unstoppable barrier, but still it slowed down water absorption.

Fine, Natural Hair can Expand to Appear Thick With the Right Technique

Don't let fine hair fool you! It can be coaxed to (shall we say) Open up. Here, I used a stretching technique that involved fluffing with my fingers to encourage her hair to separate in a puffy way. I will get more technical about this technique in an alternate post. Meanwhile, Miss Dimples rocked her big fro, while constantly getting stopped by people who asked if she modelled!

                                                                          Love the Coils You're In.........


  1. Hey, Tia! :)
    How are you, and your daughters?

    Okay, so I just wanted to know, did you moisturise her hair or get some water on her hair before using your shea butter mix?
    Shea butter is more of a sealant than a moisturiser therefore, water, moisturisers, etc should be used before the shea butter is.

    I know, however, that shea butter doesn't work for everyone. My mum's hair (according to her)breaks terrible when she uses shea butter on it (she also has some sort of skin allergy to shea butter). Anyways, she butter doesn't work for my mum, but it works amazingly for me (and my grandmother said she's sending over a tub of unrefined shea butter over to me :)

    Oh! and Dimples' hair looks absolutely gorgeous! :)

    1. Hey Sammy Sam! Everbody's all good ;o) Hope ur well over there! Yes you're right, shea butter is a sealant and not a moisturizer. BUT companies are combining it with water (1st ingredients), and adding oils and calling it a moisurizer (which at that point it very well may be). BUT LOL, after a few days...the shea butter will do what it does best and become somewhat of a barrier. This makes it hard to refresh with water. That's what causes some people's hair to be dry on day 3 of braidout/twistout. So even if you put water at the start of your styling, at about day 2 or 3 any additional water you add will not be as effective b/c of the shea butter. Thanks girly, this is the best that Dimple's hair EVER hold moisture and keep sheen!