Friday, April 20, 2012

Styling On Coily Hair: Inspired by Hunger Games Movie

Styling Inspired by the Movie "Hunger Games"

Naturally Coily Hair Stretched by Braidout & Styled Hunger Games Inspired

Hey Loves! Dimples is still wearing the braidout texture from the "naked braidout". It's still full of definition, softness, length, and some shine. We opted to put it up and off of her shoulders. Being that the title of this post has something to do with the movie/book "Hunger Games", I should first explain that I neither saw the movie or read the book LOL. I've just been hearing and seeing so much about the hairstyling that was showcased in this movie.

One thing that I kept hearing and seeing on  video tutorials done on a Hunger Games hairstyling is "TEXTURE". Yeah, the thing that Naturally Coily hair already has lots of. Most of the tutorials that I saw were done on straight hair, so they had to mostly start off the tutorials doing some technique or the other in order to add the texture. They referenced this texture creation as "exaggerated Afro texture".

When I saw that, I said....let's use what we already have and do some of this throwback styling (most of the hairstyling done in the Hunger Games is throwback from 1920's, 1940's, Edwardian, and Definitely Mama Africa).

She's cheesing for the camera, she really enjoyed this styling. It was done on the stretched hair, which made it possible (so hard to do this type of styling on coiled hair). I have to mention that NO HEAT was used for this styling. If I would have used heat, it would have been easier to get the braid pulled more taut for a "cleaner" look. But this worked for that day. I will re-do this the next time I blow dry her hair.

For this style, I did the following:
1) Used an existing part (to avoid breakage on braidout textured hair)
2) Pulled out her bang area
3) Took a section from 1 side by the ear, and began the braid
4) Integrated that braid in with the body of the hair, and braided along the neckline (all the while, smoothing the hair from the crown).
5) Once at the opposite side and all the hair has been braided, encircle the braid into a bun and pin down.
6) Accessorize as you like!

Adding a Simple Accessory Can Make Lots of Difference In a Hairstyle

I could have "tightened" this up a bit, but she was running around playing with the dog, and it was a school morning. I will keep practicing this style to perfection. I'm interested to hear about the hairstyling in the Hunger Games movie! I love watching hairstyles while I watch a movie these days!


  1. Hey Tia? Wats up? if you wanna see some great tutorial on the hunger games hairstyles look to cutegirlhairstyles channel,she explain very well on her tutorial,anyway,i came to your blog to ask you something: Would you let me translate to portuguese some of your posts/articles? You see,i find your posts very informative and helpfull and i thought i would be nice if i coulde translate this for the portuguese community so they can learn more about natural and transitioning hair,i promise i will give you all the credits and i will give a link to the original post that is here in your blog. Please reply to me.

    1. Hey Love! Yeah, I'm subscribed to cutegirlhairstyles, I saw the recent tutorials. They're great! Thanks a million for the encouraging message. Quick question for you...doesn't Google have a translate program? I'm not sure, my daughter was telling me that. Let me know what you find. Thanks TTYL

    2. hey Tia! I have used google translator program and even google chrome browser (wich include a automatic translator) when i was visiting sites like curly nikki but words like tiny winy afro,twist out,braid out,flat iron,deep condition,blow dry,updos,and many others arent translated so when you are reading an article about,for example,deep conditioning and the word deep conditioning isnt translated then the article will make no sense,even i coudnt understand at first what those words meant but since i am learning english i understood eventually,but others may not understand since it is very hard for portugueses to learn english...

    3. IDK why this showed up in "spam", but I was wondering when I would hear from you. Okay, I thought that was the case--specific topic related words not translating properly. Email me at with your proposal for this. Thanks Naomi.