Thursday, May 24, 2012

Extra Defined Twistout: OVERNIGHT!


These 2 strand twists took me about 1 hour to complete. I didn't part. I separated the hair into about 6 sections and completed each section swiftly. I had no plans to wear these twists out, as my face was looking really skinny lately (my ma says I need to eat more meat...she may be right). Anywhoo, I didn't mind taking them down the next morning because the resulting twistout was SWEEET and ultra defined.

I did the twists on hair that was previously condition washed, detangled (with fingers and a paddle brush). And WET/DAMP. The only thing I put on my hair strands was avocado oil.

This twistout lasted me about 5 days (could have been more if I wasn't being so moody about my hair). I wanted it bigger, so this is what I did.....................

Adding a spritz of water nightly and braiding on top of my twistout gave me this bigger look. I braided in bigger sections (approximately 6 plaits).

One of the things I do for length retention is to keep wearing a style or texture for as long as possible. If my hair is stinky or if I have an itchy scalp, then I must wash it. But otherwise, if I can go 4-7 days without combing/brushing, or manhandling my hair in any way, then I love it! I re braid/re-twist at nights wherever "clean" sections are. Keeping the hair moisturized ensures easy manipulation (especially of the ends).

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