Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Defined Braidout Results on Multi Textured Natural Hair

KAY'S Water & Oil (Hemp Seed Oil) BRAIDOUT with a TWIST (RESULTS)

Hey beautiful! Just a quick follow up to the video clips on our recent YouTube video released. Kay came over my crib and said "what's the plan for my hair???" So she entrusted me with her beautiful mane, and I did a braidout. Her hair is tightly coiled with coil definition more so in the front and back than on the sides. She has about 4 different textures going on, and each section reacts differently to different products. My theory is that if you find a technique that works for ALL textures, then you won't need to worry about using different viscosity products throughout your hair

Shorter Length Hair Defines Best with Many Braids
Shine & Define From Water & Oil Only
 WHAT I DID:               
  1.  Pre Poo (mixed Giovanni 50/50 with Jojoba oil and water). The consistency was like a milkshake. I  sprayed that throughout her hair. I made about 6 sections and finger detangled her saturated hair  2) After finger detangling, I detangled with a wide tooth comb.
  2.  I placed her under the steamer for approximately 20 minutes
  3.  I rinsed out the conditioner mix.
  4.  Washed her hair and scalp with Amla Mix (thoroughly)
  5.  Applied Hemp Seed Oil to each section and did box braids throughout. I ended each braid with a twist. This is very good to do when the ends of your hair are "acting up" and present as bushy. This gives a little "twirl" at the end, and allows the moisture to hold better at the ends.

Oil & Water Only Works For Different Lengths & Textures!

These pictures were taken at the end of a very long and rainy day, so the definition held up well. The moisture held great, and the hair resisted reversion. My feelings are that the use of oil helps immensely with resisting reversion. To maintain this look, she re twists sections that have become "puffy" (her side areas do not hold definition well). She showers with a shower cap so that she can capture steam and add a little moisture nightly. She adds oil as needed. Fluffs in the morning. She loved this look, and said that her co-workers loved it too.

 We will do follow up posts on Kay. I've talked to her about limiting her shampoo use, as I feel that will really benefit her hair in regards to moisture levels, and eliminate any dryness issues. She's going to go without shampoo over the next 3-4 weeks, and we will track her hair and scalp's response to that.

Here's a list of some of my favorite oils for any hair texture so far:

Avocado Oil
Hemp Seed Oil