Friday, May 11, 2012

Many Hair Style Options for Transitioning Hair

Some Everyday Transitioning Hair Styles
                                                                        ....ensure that every day is a good hair day

Medium Sized Rollers for Curls on the Relaxed Ends, 8 Large Plaits for texture to the Natural Hair

Braidout Done on Blow Dried Transitioning Hair

This style didn't last all day. The Natural Hair Puffed, while the Relaxed Ends Stayed Stringy

Braids Done on Transitioning Hair (link to process below)

My hair grew long during transition!

Best not to Wet this transitioning Hair Braided Style.

Braidout Done on Transitioning Hair (as more relaxed ends were cut, this style became easier to do)

A nice, blunt trim done on Transitioning Hair

Bangs were cut all natural for styling transitioning hair with versatility

Cassia Obovata treatment done on transitioning hair!

Everyday Bun Styling on Transitioning Hair

Love the Buns on Transitioning Hair (can be done on blow dried hair or textured hair)

Beginning of Transition, Flat ironed hair put up in a bun

Flat ironed transitioning hair, wrapped nightly for maintainence

Braids done with extensions on Transitioning Hair. Gives a nice styling break!

Braidout done on Transitioning hair

Cornbraids done on transitioning hair

These are just a few of the styling options available for transitioning hair. Stand by for our 2nd installment of this series. During our transition, we stayed true to our sense of style. That's what made our long term transitioning easy. While T enjoyed straight styles, I had a blast playing with different textured styling. We both "took breaks" with braided extensions whenever we were too busy to manage the two differing textures. If you are more skilled than I am at braiding, then you will have that much more style options. However, keeping low manipulation styling in mind....try to make your style last at least 1 week. Low manipulation styling enabled me to retain length.

The more I trimmed my transitioning hair, the easier it was to manipulate without tangles at the ends. 

Once I found the right moisturizing product that satisfied BOTH textures, styling without breakage was easy.

Some days were difficult with the two extremely opposite textures, but I found a staple "go to" texture that ensured NO bad hair days were in sight.

What is your "go to" hair styling? Transitioning, Natural, Relaxed

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  1. Hi there i found your youtube videos and blog after googling transition hair..I have made a choice to leave the relaxed hair world and go natural!!.. :D ..

    I just really want to know the basics,how do i start exactly??..what do i do.. whats the first step.. HELP Please!! :D

    1. Hey butterfly. We're so glad you found us! Both me and my daughter transitioned long term, so we learned a few things meanwhile LOL. We've got a great post on the basics, and whatever it doesn't cover, send us a message with any questions you might have. We'll see if we can try to help. Thanks for the message. CHeck out link: