Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moisturized Two Strand Twists Using EDEN BODY WORKS PRODUCTS!

Hey All!

I hope every one's day is going GREAT! It's all good far LOL.

I've been getting really lazy with my hair. I used to be so "on the ball" about steam treatments and cute styling, as well as protective styling. I was always ready to do the 6 hour (broken up into 2 days) sit down and twist up. Not so much lately. 

But I've started a set of small sized twists! It's going good so far. I think I'm almost halfway through (I hope).

I started with the back section and worked my way up. I know, I probably should start with the front and work my way around the edges, but I can't make sense of it that way. How I styled it here, I just did about 10 twists in the front and braided them into a sort of headband around the sides. Between that and the headband, no one will be any wiser about the foolishness going on up in there (except you now).

2 Strand Twists Halfway Done, Front Section Done In Bigger Twists

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply the other day to browse around. I don't know why I do that, because I always complain that they got all the toxic products up in there. WELL, they must have heard my muttering...or maybe everybody started complaining, but they now have an actual section with all natural products (or close to all natural). I purchased 3 products from a line that appears to actually be ALL NATURAL, or have all natural ingredients. 

I bought the EDEN Body Works Conditioner, Hair Milk, and Hair Oil. They come in peppermint tea tree scent. They actually have tea tree as an ingredient, so it tingles your scalp and helps rid of any itching.

I used the Conditioner as a deep treatment and kept it under a plastic cap overnight. Good stuff. My hair stopped itching, and I think it helped me get my scalp situated (I have dry scalp issues). My hair was soft the next day. Since this is not the actual product review, I will stop there. I used the conditioner to prep/deep condition my hair for the twists that I'm putting in now.

I used the Hair Oil in combination with the conditioner to sit on my scalp and hair shaft overnight. It was a great decision, as it seemed to help add to the softness! I put it straight on my scalp, and it helped refresh my scalp.

I used the Hair milk to coat my hair before my twists. So far so good. I'm liking the shine, luster, and softness. I'll just wait for the review! Hahaha

EDEN Body Works Conditioner, Hair Milk, & Hair Oil

Free Beach Bag with Qualifying Purchase From Sally's Beauty Supply

Great deals going on at Sally's! I hope I haven't shared too late, but you can probably check on their website. I purchased the 3 products and got this sweet, nice sized beach bag for free!! So basically I spent $33.00 and got a bag (valued at around $26.00) for free. NOW THAT'S A DEAL! Especially since I wanted to try the products anyways. I don't think the free bag was limited to the EDEN Body Works products, I think they were promoting their natural hair product lines, and the purchase of any 3 (mix and match between lines) would qualify. CHECK IT OUT!


  1. Even though incomplete, your twists look fabulous. There must be something in the water because so many bloggers/vloggers are getting all twisted up. You are the third person I see who has started and a few others like me who are thinking about it and getting ready. Can't wait to see your hair when you are all done.

  2. The same day you said you were ready to put some small twists in, I was thinking the same thing! Gonna post pics soon!