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Swimming Hair Care- How to Remove Chlorine: SwimSpray Product Review


SwimSpray Product Review: Every Summer, we do not like getting out of the pool. We know that's when the real work starts. "Which section of my hair has knotted up?”  I've tried a few shampoos (there aren't many on the market), but they all seem to have the same dangerous ingredients. In addition to that, they left my hair feeling dry, which is exactly what the chlorine did. 
This year, it was important for me to avoid all of the terrible things the chlorine does to our hair (dry, ashy, breaking, tangled, discoloration like green or orange hair, brittle, broken ends..I can go on). We've had so much progress with the health and length of our hair that we refuse to lose our length because we swim in a chlorinated pool weekly! 

After some research, I found out that vitamin C is well known to remove chlorine. I figured I would squeeze some oranges onto our hair, but thought twice about the possible tangle problems. I did some online research and came across the SwimSpray website. They offer a product containing 2 simple ingredients:

 1) Water and
2) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

That caught my attention right away. Ingredients I can pronounce, and that I know! I contacted the company, asked them if I would be able to sample and review, and they agreed to send us some samples (enough to use effectively). After 2 weeks of DAILY use (the little one had a swim class), we are able to report to you our findings.

Product Claims [according to website]:

SwimSpray Product Claims: "Tired of smelling like chlorine?  SwimSpray removes chlorine after swimming."

·         For your hair & skin
·         100% natural
·         Fragrance-free 

SwimSpray helps…
·         prevent chlorine from bonding to your hair and skin
·         neutralize chlorine on your body, skin, and swimwear
·         get rid of the chlorine smell
The Verdict:

After 2 weeks of using this product daily on coily type hair, I am simply impressed. I used it as a cleanser (to rid of the chlorine), and it did just that. Better yet, it didn't cause a stripped feeling, dryness, or the need to use a conditioner afterwards. I think that's pretty amazing news, especially for curly hair! Drama free hair that was tangle free, felt soft, remained conditioned after styling, was easy to use, and helped make hair care after swimming very easy. 

Recommended Use: After swimming, rinse off in the shower (skin and hair). Next, spray SwimSpray on your hair and skin. Then shower normally with your favorite shampoo or soap (Rinse off the SwimSpray from your hair and body).

How we Use it: After swimming, I used a spray bottle containing conditioner, oil and water (milkshake consistency) to saturate her hair. I finger detangled approximately 6 sections. (On day one, I did a thorough detangle with a paddle brush).
Next, I placed her in the shower, rinsed out the conditioner mix, and sprayed the SwimSpray product on the sections. I used my hands to ensure even distribution throughout the hair shaft. I left this on until I bathed her, then rinsed.

This product is stated to remove chlorine from the body as well, so it was ideal to have the product rinse from her hair onto her body. After rinsing out the SwimSpray product, I put an oil of my choice (avocado oil) on her hair, put it into 4 plaits, and her wash session was done! This process took about 25 minutes each night (bath and hair together). 

NOTE: Because this product is Vitamin C, you may experience slight tingling (she only reported tingling on 1 area where she may have had a cut). Avoid contact with eyes.

After a Day in the Pool

After Conditioner Detangling and SwimSpray

Next Day Styling for School, Ready to Swim Again!

Will We Purchase this Item?
Let's just put it this way.....Our Summer hair care arsenal will not be without SwimSpray! We need this product to maintain the health and length of our hair after swimming in our chlorinated pool.

For a 2.0 fl. oz the price is $8.95. I've paid less for products that do nothing but make the situation worse. I don't mind paying to avoid tangles! A little goes a long way, so a 2 oz bottle could last 1 person about a month. We used it daily for 2 weeks straight, most people will probably only need to use it about 3 times a week--if that.

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