Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goody Finish Gel Handle Brush (Green) STEP 3: Curly Hair Review

We’ve used this tool weekly over the last 8 months or so. Purchased at Target for $9.99 or so (I can’t remember), it was well worth the money. If it gets worn out, I will quickly re-purchase. We’ve had great results, so we will share this information with you. With 3 heads full of coily hair, safe, reliable detangling tools are a requirement. This tool has provided us with just that. We hope this review helps.

Here’s the review:
Goody Finish Gel Handle Brush (Green)    Step 3                                                                                                                          
Product Claims:
Only Goody brings you the Start.Style.Finish. Collection so you can finally get the best results from your styling routine. Your hair has different needs when you start out with wet strands, when you style with heat and when you smooth and finish a dry style. Select the correct tool for fabulous results with Goody Start.Style.Finish.
Step 3: FINISH.
Ready to brush away frizz? Grab hold of the gel grip and use while finishing style to smooth hair.

Goody Finish Gel Cushion Brush STEP 3
• Ceramic - to minimize drying time
• Ionic - to help reduce frizz
• Comfort Gel Grip - for easy styling
• Tourmaline - to minimize static
My review:
I use this brush in and out of the shower on damp or wet hair–each instance with conditioner coating. I start at my extreme hair ends, and work my way up inch by inch. I do this in sections (my hair may be in 6 sections). This brush can handle  nice sized sections. I have not used it on dry hair as it seems to be intended for. I suspect this brush was designed with straight hair in mind, so it’s okay to adjust the use as best for curly/coily hair. The rubbery gel handle makes holding this while in and out of the shower very easy. Great grip. The cushion at the base of the plastic bristles allow for a nice “give” and ensure that my hair never gets torn out when it finds a knot. I also like the “give” that the plastic bristles provide. Combining the “give” from the plastic bristles and the “slip” from the conditioner, I can pull down on the brush without worry of ripping hair out. The little gray plastic ball tips are the perfect size for babying coily hair. A few times, my coil snagged around one or two of the gray plastic ball tips. No breakage was noted. I was able to remove the hair without problem or breaking. This is my one and only detangling tool for the 3 of us coily girls. It does a complete and thorough job without causing any breakage or split ends.
**Note: Detangling under running water, during the pre-poo, or even dry is completely determined by the condition/thickness/length/porosity/curl pattern of your hair. This review is to cover what this specific detangling tool was found to do for our hair. We address the detangling product, but not the detangling technique in this post. 
Who would I recommend this product to?
Transitioners that are looking for a detangling tool for both textures.  Naturals that are looking for a quality detangling tool that is flexible, has a great grip, and can be counted on to detangle each and every time.

Coily Hair Requires Delicate Detangling Tools & Technique

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