Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Conditioner Gave Us Bad Hair Days! Coily Hair on VACAY


Hey Beautiful! Tia here, long time no see or hear. We've been hanging out a few days here and there. We had the chance to check out DC, Virginia, New Jersey, and stepped into Manhattan a quick minute.

Those of you who we get the pleasure to talk to know how much we love the beach, so we checked out Belmar Beach in New Jersey and had a ball. The only bad thing is that we didn't listen to our own advice. Dimple's hair was left wild and free, which looked really beautiful at the time. But by the time we got to where we were staying, her hair turned into coils and dreads. It was really late, but I knew if I left it until morning, I may have to cut out some locs.
Our Hair on Day 1 of our 2 week Vacation

I made my magic potion conditioner, water, oil mix. It wasn't working. I FOUND OUT WHY:  because I couldn't find the Tresemme that I typically use (the Tresemme Naturals). In that bottle was Tresemme Moisture conditioner. This conditioner has cones. I didn't read the label until after my hair started feeling like it had a layer of "gunk" on it. Also, it didn't respond to any of my style preparations (braidout, twist out, bun, etc)--nothing but ashy frizz hair. We've (me, T, and Dimples) have had lots of "bad hair days" while on vacay.

Products We Normally Use Keep our Hair Moisturized and "Poppin'

The moral of this story is: once you find a routine that works, and products that your hair responds well to, don't deviate from that! I SHOULD HAVE PACKED MY CONE-FREE CONDITIONER!!

Day 5 of our Vacation..Hair is showing signs of dryness

Already Dry Hair Combined with the Beach air: Recipe for LOCS

I finally found the Tresemme Naturals Conditioner. I bought V05 Clarifying Shampoo to get the cones off of our hair, so the conditioner can do what it's supposed to do. So far so good (with my hair). I washed Dimple's hair.

Finally! Poppin coils once Silicones were washed out by V05 Clarifying Shampoo


Tresemme Naturals (no cones) OR Tresemme Moisture Rich (cones)

How do Silicones effect your hair? Do you feel any buildup? Are your textured styles well defined and moisturized? Does your styled hair get frizzy quickly? Do you have to moisturize your hair every day? Does your hair feel extra dry? Do your curls "pop"? Are you frustrated with your naturally coily hair?

You may be dealing with the effects of silicone build-up on your hair. There are many different forms of "cones" in conditioners, so you will need to look carefully at the label to determine which cone you may be putting on your strands. I found Dimethicone in the Tresemme Moisture Rich Formula. Quick info on Dimethicone: It's a silicone oil that forms a slick lubricating coat on the hair shaft so that a comb can move easily through it (so it's probably great for detangling purposes). However, that coat can cause buildup, as it's not easily rinsed out. I used a sulphate shampoo (harsh for my hair) to remove this silicone buildup that was making my hair unruly and dry.

Users of products with dimethicone are often surprised to find that the product actually worsen dryness. That's exactly what all three of us have been dealing with this past week on our vacation. We're pretty much situated at this point. 1) We used the sulphate shampoo to get the silicone oil off of our strands, 2) we used the Tresemme Naturals (cone free) Conditioner to replenish moisture and help detangle. 3) Then we put some avocado oil on our wet/damp hair.

We are unsure what styling we will be doing, but will update in a blog post!

Hope this can help anyone who is dealing with what we had to go through. We lost some hair in the process of this whole mess! Glad we figured out what the root of the problem was. It's real easy to find the culprit when you don't use too many products to begin with. Side Note: It makes sense that Dimethicone product would be a great way to prep your coily hair for a flat iron session.





  1. Loving your blog, been reading through all your posts. :)
    I use a silicone free shampoo & that silicone free Tresemme conditioner..I don't use silicones in any products except for my hair SPF leave in that I use occasionally..xx

    1. Thanks for the Love Yolandaas :o) I know I need an SPF for my hair. So far just been hiding it under hats and dodging the sun LOL!

  2. Tresemme Naturals has dimethicone now. I bought it last week and returned it before using it because I reread the ingredients and realized that I missed that dimethicone was in the middle of the list

    1. Wow. That's not good at all. I rely on Tresemme Naturals. Why would they do that after all of the raving curly girls have been going on with.