Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick Fix For Dry Coily Hair: The Wonders of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive. The olive is ground, and the oil is taken out by mechanical or chemical means. "Virgin" means the oil was produced by mechanical means (the olives were pressed to remove the oil), not chemical means (heat or chemicals used during retraction). Refined means the oil has been chemically treated (usually to reduce the strong flavor, and neutralize the acid content).

There are quite a few different grades of olive oil, but for consumption--the best is said to be Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So that's pretty much all that I ever buy, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). I use it to cook with because of the numerous heart healthy benefits that it boasts. 

It's also an oil that I've been putting in my hair. I used it during my 15 months of transitioning, and I continue to use it throughout my healthy natural hair journey. It's an ingredient that I know my hair responds well to. I am a no fuss kind of gal. I don't like to put too many things in my hair. As a matter of fact, I'm more impressed with less products used and more positive outcome received as far as everything is concerned (skin, hair, etc).

It's no wonder that I turned to Olive Oil when I came down with what seems to be the flu on Thursday. Dimples has been sick, and apparently decided to share this contagious viral love potion with me. I'm not happy about it, but that's all a part of the whole mothering job description. I'm happy to say that she is feeling better, and my body is working it out. But since Thursday, I've been running to doctor appointments, while running a fever, body aches, and silly looking, dry hair. It's pretty embarrassing to be sick and look crazy. I put on a jump suit because it had soft material and inner lining that would insulate me (in 100 degree weather). Needless to say, I didn't take any pictures that day! Here's a picture of my hair just 1 day before the sore throat, fatigue, and fever hit me:

 Can You Believe It? Just 1 day before I would begin to look like I got hit by a bus. Well, my hair started looking really ashy and feeling dry. Tangles started to appear. I had placed to go, and people to see. Thankfully my hair is long enough to pull back into a low ponytail (this was on Thursday). But what about my ashy edges and the dull, lifeless look? That would have to wait.

By Friday, I was plastered to my bed and I really didn't care. I took the day off and tended to my body. That rest was well received. By Saturday, I had enough strength to eat, so I got some instant energy. I wasn't fooled though, I knew I had to take it easy. I wanted to get at my hair before I would have to cut out knots. I broke out my EVOO from the kitchen. Poured out about 2 ounces into a cup and took that into the bathroom with me. I also took my Trader Joe's Spa Tea Tree Conditioner to co-wash with. 

  • First, I let the water drench my loose hair. The warm water felt so good on my scalp. Especially while I was still running a low grade fever. I know I'm supposed to use cool water because of the fever, but I didn't care.

  • Next, I co-washed. During my co-wash, I placed my hair into about 4 sections and finger detangled while the conditioner was still in my hair.

  • Next I applied the EVOO to each section lavishly (no holds barred, I poured that baby on). Then I put each section back up into Bantu knots. While I bathed my body, I let the steam from the shower do it's thing. 

  • Then I washed out the oil with lukewarm water. I wanted some oils to stay on my strands. I love oil on my hair to seal in the water.

  • Out of the shower, I opened 1 Bantu knot section so that it could air dry. I squeezed some excess water out with a microfiber towel. 

  • Then I got to twisting. Not my usual small sized twists, but some medium sized ones. It took me about 1 hour to finish my whole head.

Olive Oil Used for Twists Done on Wet Hair

Twists as a Great Styling Option for Minimal Styling Needs

This styling could very well last me into 2 weeks if I simply tie it down at nights. The olive oil added to my tresses ensures that moisture will be sealed in before, during, and after adding it (my moisturizer of choice is water). THIS PROCESS SOLVED MY DRY HAIR ISSUEThe olive oil made my hair soft. How do I know this? That's all I have in my hair. The olive oil made my hair shiny. How do I know this? Olive oil will leave a shiny coat on anything you put it on!

I can see that I'm going to have an uber defined twist out when I'm done wearing this (will post).
Many styling options with this sized twisting (if I'm healthy enough to even bother) --(will post).

Don't snooze on the benefits of simply using oil on top of water to moisturize, soften, provide shine/sheen and luster to your hair! Olive oil was featured in this post, but there are so many other nice and fatty oils to choose from. Really, keep it simple!


CO WASH: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner
OIL: Extra Virgin Olive Oil



  1. I find it absolutely fascinating how we all start out trying this product and that product over and over only to break it down to the most simple of things in the end. Conditioner, oil and water. And water is the centerpiece of it all.

  2. It all boils down to the water, sealed in with the oil. TRULY keeping it simple.