Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Smootches to Marshalls & the Deal Finding Begins!


Hey everyone! Just a quick post to share with you that we've finally put together a listing of all of the products we used during our transition.

After about 20 messages, we finally sat down and broke out our box that we relied on during our transition. Some of the products are in our current stash of day-to-day necessities.

We keep it real simple, but we are still girly girls after all--we still gotta buy stuff sometimes! We love to go to Marshalls and Ross and peak through the natural hair products. Don't you LOVE to peruse the clearance section for goodies? One day, I actually found some Carols Daughter products up in there!!!!! I find my Giovanni haircare there. I love BLUM Naturals. Y'all know my skin is sensitive, so that's like finding gold!

Check out our link here. We detail what we used, and how we used it...and where you can get it if you want to :o)


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