Thursday, August 2, 2012

Got Fine Wavy Textured Hair? You Can Do Two Strand Twists!

Create Full & Dense Two Strand Twists on Fine/Wavy Textured Hair

Fine/Wavy Textured Hair & Two Strand Twists

All of you wavy/looser textured ladies who are interested in doing two strand twists, this post is for you.

If you have hair that presents as "fine/medium" in thickness, at first glance, it would make sense that two strand twists would come out sparse or spacey. The twists would not seem to be PLUMP enough to cover parts or make a dense enough head of hair full of twists. That situation discourages people from doing two strand twists. A Simple Solution: Blow dry the hair on medium/cold setting so that it will swell. This will provide the thickness that you may be seeking. As a result, the hair will appear dense.
Parting at a Diagonal for Full Coverage

Another solution to hair that appears sparse is to part at a diagonal. I have a step by step post that instructs on this technique. This post will primarily address the fact that there is a difference in the outcome of two strand twists on hair that is less textured, however, there are techniques that can help with the issues of density and fullness.

For this styling, I could have made her hair appear even fuller, but she had previously put a product with heavy mayonnaise on her hair, thus weighing it down. Products have to be considered before any styling attempts are made. Any heavy products before blow drying will not allow the hair to swell as needed to make the twists appear more dense. Styling products should be used after the hair has been blow dried.
Working with finer/looser textured hair typically means it would be best to use less heavy/greasy products. In this instance, I didn't use any additional products for this set of twists, because she had just washed/conditioned, and moisturized with a heavy mayo product. It weighed down her hair, and made blow drying to swell the hair difficult. If the mayo product was not on her hair, then I would use a product similar to the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine, which has butters, oils, and will provide moisture for days to come. It is thick enough to twist with, and give a nice hold. Finer, Wavy hair tends to unravel, so thick product (like butters), and maybe not "greasy" products would be best to use. Definitely no water based products.

Full, Lush Two Strand Twist on Fine/Wavy Hair

Either way, I hope this post helps anyone with fine/wavy hair, wishing to do two strand twists. It can be done with a little calculating of both techniques and products. Blow drying is essential to achieving the density, fullness, and length for two strand twists on wavy hair. Again, keep the setting of the blow dryer between cold/warm air--not hot. Hot air will make the hair too straight, and remove the texture.

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