Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coily Hair and Curling Jelly Results

AS I AM Curling Jelly & DIMPLES

As I Am Curling Jelly: Head Full of Shiny Coils
I've been using the As I Am Cleansing Pudding, and I just recently purchased the Curling Jelly (Coil & Curl Definer). I literally "slapped" some on Dimple's coils and kind of "wrung" her hair a bit to get the product saturated through. From the sounds of that description, I'm surprised that I got the cute results that I did.

Now I'm impressed. What kind of curl definer doesn't require thorough section-by-section application for the best results. That is actually the directions on the jar "apply curling jelly in small sections", which I obviously didn't follow.

I think because her hair is fine, I was able to grab some sections and rub it through and achieve this light and fluffy, carefree head of coils. I LOVE that look. Basically, it's a look that says "my curls can do what they may". And why shouldn't they?
I was so excited to try the Curling Jelly on myself, that I did a quick co-wash n go this morning. I actually went through section-by-section, but didn't detangle properly first. The results are outstanding. I will share those pictures once I do the actual product review on this item. The review will cover the product details (consistency, scent, ingredients, cost, application process, directions, final thoughts)  and a bit more info for the curious consumer.

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  1. Nice post! I actually read on Mahogany Curls blog that the As I Am Cleanser is very good and now its one of her regular product! Cant wait to read your review on As i Am curling jelly

  2. Thanks Naomi, So far I'm impressed with the line. I'm using the cleanser as well, and I really like the outcome.