Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coily Hair and Products that Define Your Curls: What to Expect

I've spent a lot of time these past couple of weeks on "coil definition". Almost to the point of where I think I'm ready to move on. I know that the weather is about to change, and I will most likely spend most of my time in two strand twists, buns, flat ironed straight, or almost anything else except for the wash n go. I don't like my hair wet while I'm out in the cold. Some people do it, but I don't like to. I also don't like the way my coils look after being diffused. Maybe I just haven't gotten the diffusing part "down pat". Either way, I want to wrap up my obsession with coily hair and wash n go. Allow me one final outburst, please!

Sections Defined with Eco Styler Gel
1 big section defined with As I Am Curl Gel

Product application is important. In the pictures above, the one on the left was applied by using eco styler gel, and applying in small sections thoroughly. The picture on the right shows coils defined by using As I Am Curl Pudding/Gel, but the application process was a quick spread and wring process--using a big section for quick application. You can definitely site the difference in the coil definition. The one on the left is more shiny,  laid down, and each coil is vividly defined. The one on the right is more "puffy", has less luster, and shows less length.

By admission, I love each look. I love how coily hair can achieve such different results with a simple switch of application/product usage.

In the works, we are reviewing the As I Am products, and currently I have a fixation of sorts with their gel. I will be comparing the eco styler gel with the As I Am Gel. We will update on the status of that review, as all reviews will be directed to our sister blog, Before You Spend Reviews

Ahh, curls, blessed curls. I love them. They come in so many different shapes and sizes. Before we are through, we here at ANGEL'S RINGLETS will unlock the secrets behind curl happiness for the various coily heads out there. Meanwhile, stick with us as we rant and explore products and techniques that will showcase our coily manes.



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