Monday, September 10, 2012

Your Best Wash N Go: Prepping Coily Hair to POP!


Hello Angel. In collaboration with the step-by-step video tutorial on our wash-n-go process, We hope to elaborate on the preparation we take in order to maximize coil definition, and minimize frizz, tangles, single strand knots, etc. To truly feel like I've "mastered" my wash-n-go, I like to know that the outcome will not be a "surprise" when my hair finally dries. Here are the top 8 things I feel is necessary to prepare my hair for maximum coil definition when doing a wash n go:

Fine, Coily Hair with Defined Wash N Go

  1.  Make sure the hair is clarified. If the hair has butters, certain cones, or any other type of product build-up on it, then the coils will show up as "dull", "limp", and not properly defined when you put your curl definer on. 
  2. Hair ends need to be free of splits, and obvious damage. The "cleaner" the ends, the more the hair strand will end off in a nice, clean coil. A wash-n-go with frizzy ends is usually not the outcome that most of us are trying to achieve. Trim as needed.
  3. Reach the proper moisture level. What does that mean? Hair that is dry will not define well (no matter the curl definer used). Not only will it not define well, but it will tangle easily, and create lots of single strand knots. One way to get the proper moisture level is to deep condition weekly. A favorite way of mine is to reduce use of shampoos (once the hair has been clarified).
  4. Remove as much shed hair as possible. It's difficult and sometimes frustrating to put gel/curl definer on hair that is coming out and sticking to your fingers/hands. Yes, it's going to happen a bit, but if the shed hair is removed before the curl definer is applied, then putting on the definer will be much more pleasant experience.
  5. Detangling is necessary for proper coil definition. Sometimes the "raking method" or using your spread fingers to "comb" through the curl definer is a method that is used to thoroughly spread the product. If you're planning to do this process, then knots will cause frizz, and hinder the product from being spread properly. The end result will be frizz, not curl definition. Detangling is best done early in the process--preferably once conditioner has been put on the hair. Once the hair is being defined, any detangling tool used will effect the coil definition. Tools such as the Denman Brushes, the Tangle Teaser, and Paddle Brushes will activate coil shrinkage. Fingers are the best "tool" for coil definition once the curl definer is being applied.
  6. Part Placement. Before applying the curl definer, it's a great idea to place your part where you want it (middle, off center, etc). Doing this will ensure that your curly hair will lay in the direction that you want.
  7. Properly coat with conditioner. I have tried previously to apply curl definers without applying conditioner. Why would I do that? Because of the "white mess" that sometimes happens when combining conditioner and curl definer. I've learned the hard way that it's necessary to use a conditioner under a curl definer. Because of this, I never skip this step anymore. I've learned a few tricks to avoid the "white mess". Once you've coated a section of hair with conditioner, squeeze off excess conditioner, and place it in a Bantu Knot for stretch and proper coating. 
  8. Section off the hair into working portions. I like to section my hair into a minimum of 4 portions. Then I will work within those portions with even smaller sections to apply my curl definer. I always use Bantu Knots to secure my sections. The bantu knots help keep my hair from drying out, they lay down my roots, and help saturate the conditioner into the section.

Doing these simple steps before starting your wash-n-go can be a great way to be in control of your curly mane! Prepping your hair ahead of time will allow you to do a quick and easy, drama free wash-n-go.

Be in Control of Your Coily Hair


  1. I wonder if this technique would work on my short hair.I think its worth a shot!

  2. Definitely! So much fun to be had with short length hair :o) Use your shrinkage AND stretch for some length. So many possibilities.

  3. Thanks New!! I'm getting the hang of my hair after all these years. This will surely help.

  4. may TWA will not define curls with Eco styled gel. What am I doing wrong?

    1. As long as you have curls, they can be defined. Got to play with the application techniques (shingling, raking, shaking). Eco styler gel is very thick and defines most times. Most important make sure the hair is clean before putting on products on top. You have 4c tightly coiled hair? What shape does your coil take?

  5. What's the best silicone free gel & conditioner to use to loosen up tightly coily 4c hair? Currently using>Herbal essences sulfate-free conditioner for co-wash, The Conditioner as my leave-in, Olive oil as my sealer & Tressemme silicone free lots of curls clear styling gel(it gives lots of tightly coils curls, but No Shine) and it leaves my hair dry & dull looking. I co-wash daily, and sleep\w satin bonnet nightly. I have not Deep Condition my hair yet, because I don't know WHAT 2 use on my 4c hair.