Monday, October 1, 2012

I Lost 7 Pounds in a Few Weeks! A Coily Girl's Freedom to Sweat

The Coily Girl's Exercise/Fitness Regimen & Dedication

The one and only Shauna Robinson pictured above is one of my motivations to continue my workout regimen. I currently walk 4 miles a day (about 5 days a week). I started out doing the 4 miles a day EVERY DAY for TWO WEEKS! The first few days were torture. My body felt like it had been run over by a Mac Truck. By day 4, my body stopped aching, and was excited to get the endorphin rush. 

Most runners laugh at walkers (I know I did). I was a dedicated runner for years, but running put a toll on my body. I think it taxed my heart too. I found out that brisk walking will work up a nice sweat--especially after walking 4 miles. What happens is the constant, steady pace can put you into burn mode, and then it becomes easier to tackle the fat cells. 

 For sure, by the end of my 4 mile trek, my hair is DRENCHED. I just rinse/co-wash my hair every night. I won't do a wash n go at night, because I don't like to sleep with wet hair. I can usually throw some braids in, after air drying for about 20 minutes (without product). Air drying without any products for a little bit ensures that the hair dries faster. After a 20 minute air dry, then I'll put whatever product I choose to use (which is just usually some oil--olive or avocado oil).

In the morning I have a nice wavy texture. Mostly, I will bun that wavy texture. Low manipulation styling is the way to go during the week. I hope to capture some of that legendary length that one's supposed to achieve while doing cardio (due to the stimulated circulation or something or the other). I don't know why I'm referencing it as if I don't believe it. I've witnessed phenomenal growth during the times I am physically active.

I think that it's been easier for me to handle my hair while having a consistent workout regimen. Part of that is because my hair is at a length where I can simply pull it back after a washing/conditioning session. Shorter/cropped lengths of coily hair would also be easy as well (I would think). The hard length is the "in between" lengths, where it's not long enough to pull back or bun--but yet not short enough to style wash n go on a cropped cut. I went through that in-between stage, and it seemed to pass REAL fast.

 I've been walking 4 miles a day now (for going on 2 months). I am consistent at 5 times a week. I have dropped 7 pounds, and want to drop another 3 pounds before the holidays. I am currently toning with weight resistance.

My eating habits have changed now that I actually dedicate 1 hour a day to my physical fitness. I have reduced/eliminated my wheat intake. That means breads, pasta, etc. I'm careful with rice. I may eat some brown rice, but I've substituted more greens (salad) for less rice. Not because I have to, but my body feels better this way. It's not as sluggish/full and uncomfortable. I got this tip from reading "Eat Right For your Type". I've read it like 10 times. It's my reference that I love to talk about with doctors, nurses, anyone who will listen. I plan to do a post about this book, it's pretty amazing.

My efforts have been rewarded by smaller dress/jean size :o) That's always a plus. But it's not just about that. It's about taking the time to take care of myself. We often fail to take care of ourselves because we are too busy taking care of others. We also
fail to address our heart healthy physical activities due to the hassle we tend to have to go through with our hair. I remember vividly how much of a hassle it was to care for my relaxed hair after any kind of fluid hit it! Forget about the pool. Forget about sweating! Heaven forbid a little rain hit it.

This new found freedom with my hair has allowed me to walk in the rain not worried about a thing. I jump into the pool at random. I'm now free to sweat daily. I will reach my fitness goals, unhindered by my hair.

Check out this book (if you can find it in the library, bookstore, or order it online). Basically, it tells you exactly what to eliminate from your daily eating--in order to lose weight. This is the only "weight" information book that I've read that actually works (and trust--I've read them all LOL). 


  1. Have u tried the eat clean diet book by tosca reno I believe its a really good book to. Oh and there is a good website for food called the gracious pantry as a on of recipes... hth good job on the weight loss n keep it up :-)

    1. Sounds right up my alley (eating clean) LOL! Will check it out--thanks Miki!