Friday, October 19, 2012

Two Strand Twists HEAT FREE Tousled Curl Styling

Two Strand Twist can make a Nice Bob Style
The luxury of a get-up-and-go hair texture gives me a little bit of time to carefully select a lip color and maybe pencil in (or try to) some eyebrows (for those of us who never had any eyebrows). I can't say it enough "You gotta love Two Strand Twists"!!! I experimented with a new technique (new to ME) LOL for creating curls, body, and simply just allowing me to get my hair up off of my neck without putting it in a scrunchy! Because I did this on 2 strand twists (and not loose hair), it required some assistance as far as hold goes.

Of course I had to use some bobby pins and hair spray to help out, but in the end it was well worth the extra 5 minutes. Add an accessory and you're done. I used a pearl headband this time, but this will go well with a nice vintage hair clip on one side for added drama. More about this look to come, as I'm editing a video on how I did these curls on my two strand twists. Soon to come.......

Two Strand Twists curl easily for body and style (Heat Free)

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