Monday, November 12, 2012

Newly Transitioning Hair with Breakage: Building a Regimen

  • Hi I have been watching your videos on YouTube! I am trying to put together a regimen for my hair, I am relaxed. Neck length, last relaxer was September. I have notice new growth in the front but none in the back.

    I try to co wash twice a week.
    I always deep condition when I use shampoo which is once a week.

    Here are the products I use: mane n tail shampoo and conditioner ( just bought those last week), herbal essence hello hydration and long term relationship,
    salon care cholesterol from sally's.
    I use garnier fructus leave in and hello hydration.
    My oils are peppermint, evoo, evco, and Castor oil. I also use pure glycerin and vitamin e.
    I have been taking one a day vitamins and 5000 grams of biotin.  

    I put my hair in pony tails 24/7. I use heat maybe once every two weeks. A couple days ago I noticed the hair in the back getting shorter and idk why. I need help, my last trim was when I got my perm. 

Hey Beautiful! Congrats on your transitioning! Your hair is growing. Don't worry about that part. Sounds like your ends are breaking. Your hair may be dry even though you deep condition weekly. Watch out with that glycerin during the winter/fall seasons. Especially if you're somewhere that there isn't any humidity or water in the air for it to pull from. It can dry your hair out. You use glycerin, and also there is glycerin content in some of the products you mentioned. I don't use commercial products (herbal essence, mane n tail, etc). They are not made for coily hair--or relaxed hair that stays notoriously dry. Use what you have (no waste). Add some oils to your shampoo or apply oil to your hair before you shampoo (and dilute your shampoo). Co-Washing is great. QUESTION: Do you have a hard time detangling?

Wow--is that a lot of Biotin? I haven't researched supplements (sorry), so I'm unsure of their effects. You're young--your hair is growing, just gotta not watch it (watched pot never boils) LOL!


  1.  Pre-poo (conditioner/oil mix) and detangle with wide tooth comb. 
  2.  Shampoo with sulphate shampoo to get all of the drying ingredients off of your hair. Once all cones are removed from the hair, begin using a non-sulfate shampoo, one that can add moisture. I love to use Amla for cleansing.
  3.  Deep condition (all natural yogurt/honey/olive oil) Keep on for 1 hour minimum. 
  4.  Rinse and condition with an all natural conditioner (or one that doesn't have cones).
  5. What leave in do you use? Use one without cones (or product that can build up).
  6. Seal with your favorite oil
  7. Styling: Create 1 texture (for example: twists/braids with perm rod rollers at the ends), and put it in a style that will last you at least 1 week until next wash day. This will serve as low manipulation, with equals minimal breakage (and length retention). 

Deep Conditioning on Transitioning Hair is KEY to Moisture Retention

Transitioning Hair Requires a Consistent, Healthy Hair Regimen

Avoid Breakage with a Style that Will last you All Week

This could possibly serve as a base regimen for you, and allow you to watch how your hair responds to each step, and then tweak it as you go. Everyone's hair will respond differently to a regimen (for so many different reasons). I think this may be a good regimen for most, because it is a regimen that I used to "baby" breaking hair back to fullness and strength. It took me about 9 months to configure this regimen (after trial and error and some hair loss). I hope this can help you avoid the frustrations that we endured.

---Beautifully Yours


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  1. Hi Tia! I am newly transitionig and will be washing my hair for the first time myself this weekend. I became sort of a product junkie. Anyway, I would like to wash, deep condition and condition (leave-in) my hair while it is braided in about 10-12 plats. The reason I want to do this is because it will be less friction on my hair while shampooing. Do you think this method of washing/conditioning will be effective?