Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cleansing For Coils: Apple Cider Vinegar Mix & Aritha

Over the next 3 weekends, I'm going to do specialized deep conditioning treatments. Since my flat iron session, my wash n go's just don't seem the same. My coils are there, yes....but they seem sad, loopy, and not as vibrant as they were before. I'm using the same products to define my coils. I even did a deep conditioning treatment (Aubrey Organics GPB Glycolic) I may not be saying it right, but you guys know which product I'm talking about. 

The pictures below were back in August. Look how well the hair lays down. Look at the luster and the coil definition. No signs of frizz to be found.

 So now I'm going to show you pictures of what my hair has been doing lately when I try to do my wash n go's.

What the WHAT? I see lots of frizz. I don't see consistent definition. My application technique was the same. I do the same techniques every time I do a wash n go. I am thoroughly perturbed! I'm guessing that I may have "stuffs" on my strands, so first order on the list of figuring this foolishness out is to clarify. I'm going to use Aritha paste to cleanse (see link below). Then I'm going to use 2 tablespoons of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (to clarify) and put that into about 4 ounces of water. I'll spray that on my hair and leave on for about 10 minutes.

I gotta tell you guys about something that happened to me and this apple cider vinegar mix. A few months ago, I had a spray bottle of the Apple Cider Vinegar and water mix left over sitting in a bottle on my vanity table.  I remembered all this talk about people using it to clean sinks and stuff. I have a black porcelain sink that's supposed to look shiny. 

Well, by the time the girls and hubby (never me) finish brushing teeth and doing God knows what else, this sink looks straight up crazy. Films of toothpaste and I'll spare you the monstrous details made my sink look like it had a white mask on it. I couldn't even see the black properly anymore. Usually, I'll have to sprinkle some Ajax, make a paste with some water, and wait a bit before scrubbing with the hard part of my sponge. This time, I took my spray bottle with the vinegar mix, and sprayed the sink. I left it on for about 10 minutes (I was busy doing other things). By the time I got back, I took the soft part of my sponge, and wiped the sink. WTH??? The white residue wiped right off, leaving a shiny black sink. I was amazed that something so natural (but I know it's strong), was able to be diluted, and still work wonders. No more Ajax needed for me! Gonna try it out on the scary shower stall (I'll keep y'all posted on that wonderment).


Back to my hair story, gonna use the vinegar mix after I cleanse with Aritha and then I'll share some pictures of the cleansed coils. I'll worry about my conditioning plan a little bit later.

Aritha Paste on Coils to Cleanse

After Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Ready to Go Out! Successful Wash N Go FINALLY

When I did the Aritha paste to cleanse, my coils felt softer after I rinsed the paste off completely. After I did the vinegar mix, my hair felt literally "squeaky clean" when I was rinsing it off. But understand that if felt soft, squeaky clean, and NOT DRY. I think that was a perfect combination to cleanse (Aritha and then ACV Rinse). I did not deep condition again, because I did a deep condition the night before. 


See the difference? Less frizz, more definition, more shine, hangs lower. All of the characteristics of MY wash n go that I look for. Overall I was happy before I left to go out. I love that I managed my hair. Did not let it manage me (and pull it back into a ponytail). I figured out what I needed to do. This is the result of cleansing. Hmmmm.......I wonder what a good deep conditioning will do with this.  That will definitely be next....


  1. Lots of good info! I haven't used ACV for a while now. I used ACV in the past as a final rinse after washing hair to balance the ph of my hair resulting in hair ever so soft! I loved it!! I now use my homemade aloe vera juice spritz right before I style my hair for that same purpose(balance ph thereby closing/smoothing cuticles so curls can be more defined). I kind of had forgotten about acv. I've never heard of Aritha. Is that like a bentonite clay?

    1. Aritha is similar to bentonite (texture, mud wash type cleansing). From the sounds of it, they both cleanse/condition without harsh stripping. I think the bentonite clay is what is in the Terresentials mud wash (I think). Yeah, you gotta love ACV and Aloe vera! Wonder foods for curls! Please share your Aloe Vera Juice recipe!