Sunday, January 13, 2013

Avoid Frizzy, Snakey Two Strand Twists on Fine Coily Hair

Moisturized Coily Hair is the First Step to Avoiding Frizz

If you've got fine, coily hair that loves to snake up and frizz when you're doing your two strand twists, this post is for YOU.

When I first do my two strand twists, there are no signs of frizz. When I do Dimple's two strand twists, the frizz stands up and laugh at the both of us. She's got long, fine, coily hair that quickly frizzes up. Wash day is when I can focus on fighting the frizz. The wash day regimen listed below details steps that are geared towards minimizing frizz. Of course, some frizz will happen...but we are aiming for less frizz.

My wash day regimen for her two strand twists is:

1. Pre Poo (conditioner/oil mix and detangle in 4-6 sections) [Rinse]
2. Cleanse with Apple Cider Vinegar mix (2 tablespoons ACV and 4 ounces of water)--leave on for 10               minutes before rinsing. This step is a frizz tamer (Apple Cider Vinegar balances the pH, laying down the hair cuticles.
3. Cleanse with Amla/Shikakai paste mix. (Great for coil definition and conditioning) [Rinse]
4. Deep condition (I usually add oils, honey, and maybe an avocado to a conditioner). Shine!
5. Rinse with cold water. Lays down the cuticles.

This imparts so much moisture and shine. Ridiculous!

The important part of this post addresses frizz and two strand twists-- most noticeable on fine, coily hair. Additional Steps to avoid the frizz:

  • I love to get the hair well moisturized and the coils well defined (wash day regimen shown above).
  • I  blow dry on medium heat using the tension method. I never get rid of the texture--I will need that. I'm only blow drying in order to get some length, and avoid snakey looking two strand twists.
  • I avoid using watery moisturizers. The creamier/thicker--the better. At this point, I'm really only trying to lock in the moisture that I spent the whole wash day putting in.
  • I use Giovanni Wicked Wax Styling Pomade in the front section (hairline twists). This is where the frizz shows up the most (and on the crown). I mostly use it on the root area. I don't put it on the ends. Sometimes we need the aid of a styling product to achieve specific results. This pomade is all natural. Rinses out easily. Does not cause any drying or future problems. I use this to do my husband's twists--long lasting and keeps the style looking fresh!
  • Scarf down the hairline at nights (satin type material)
  • Satin pillowcase

Avoid Frizz on Wash day with pH Balanced products/ingredients

Giovanni Wicked Wax used to Control Frizz 

I will update on her frizz free methods for her two strand twists. Keep in mind--we are conducting these styling efforts with a 6 year old. Many of her day-to-day activities would not be part of an average adult's life (carpet headstands, rubbing heads with the puppy, God only knows what else goes on). 

I hope to keep these in for 2 weeks (whereas my two strand twists last respectably for 1 month). With these twists in, I am looking to give her hairline a break. Buns and other 1st grade styling (ponytails and the likes) have caused some hairline breakage. Free flowing styles such as this will give the hairline a chance to re-grow unhampered. 

 The middle picture is most recent (Yesterday, January 13th 2013). The left picture is from about 2 years previous, and the picture on the right (shows braids--not twists) is from September 2011 (a little over 1 year ago). Her hair is definitely growing longer and fuller. You can tell in the picture on the right that I was trimming her hair during that time. Her ends were very "snakey" back then. Thin and breaking. That's not the case anymore, thankfully! Getting fine hair to be it's fullest and to have maximum volume is a journey. Lots of things come into play. In the instance above, her hair had to be trimmed and all of the damaged, thinning ends had to be removed while newer, fuller, healthy hair grew in. That's all for now beauties!    - ---tia

Do you have any frizz free tips? Please share!


  1. Hey Tia, your daughter's hair looks great!!!! I currently do not have twists but for my frizzy areas I just smooth some conditioner and water(daily if needed) to my hair and protect/tuck in the frizzy parts(my ends) at night...looking forward to the updates!

    1. Hey Tia! :)

      Dimples' hair's so long and so pretty and.....when did Dimple grow up? I saw the pics and I was like, "wow, isn't she the little girl whose pics I saw a few months ago?" She's real pretty!

      I've avoided twists for some time now apart from at my ends 'cause my hair shrinks SO BAD and when that happens, my twists don't look so good. I might try again sometime, but I need to know a quick and simple way to keep my twists stretched out. I have a growth challenge for myself. Hope I make it.

    2. I know! It's so crazy how fast they grow up. Enjoy every moment, I say :o) Thanks Samantha! You know you can stretch your twists--Braid them up or pull them back into 1 or a few ponytails. How long is your hair now? I know it's grown really long! You'll do it (I know you can). I've seen you do many things you put your mind to. Latersss

    3. Thanks Love! Hmm, conditioner and water...will have to give that a try for smoothing down the frizzies!

    4. Hey Deidra! I'm so sure I replied you, but I don't see it here! Oh well, that's technology for you! You are so right, The right conditioner will always do the trick! LOL Thanks for the message Love! --tia

  2. My hair's a few inches down my back (about 2-ish. That's good 'cause of how much hair I lost last summer).
    I'll try braiding my twists next time to keep them stretched.
    By the way, last week, I did like real tiny twists in my hair before I washed it and after I washed it (same hair) and OH. MY. DAYS. TIA. I had never seen my hair stretched out that much. My braids and twists never hang long enough (they shrink quickly and don't show off my length or anything close to it, but like the twists I did that day totally did and when I took them down,....... SUPER STRETCHED HAIR! :)
    I'll try them on my entire head of hair sometime and if it rains or something and they shrink up, I'll try the ponytail or braiding them to restretch.
    She's totally rocking twists (with extensions) at the moment (redoes them every 2 months - her transitioning style) :)

  3. Hi there! I absolutely love your YT channel and blog! I'm new to blogging, so I'm learning a lot. I have fine coily hair like your daughter's and I had to experiment with styling my twists. I combine a small amount of natural gel (Shea Moisture Curling Souffle) with a hair pomade (Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Oil Edge Taming Taffy) to style my twists. When I'm done I use the mix to smooth down edges and wrap with my satin scarf.

    1. Hey Raven! That sounds like something that would work nicely for her fine hair. I don't have those 2 products right now, but I have some similar products that may give me the same consistency. I just may try this (gotta refresh her twists today--we're going on to week 3 with these LOL). Thanks for the love, and thanks for sharing with us! --tia

  4. I am definitely going to try the Giovanni Wicked Wax this weekend. Thanks for the information. I've been natural for over three years and figuring out how to keep coily fine hair from breaking, is a task.

    1. If you remember, let me know how you like it.

  5. Thanks for this post. I have a few clients with finer hair textures that complain about their twists frizzing fast all the time. I typically use a watern leavein like Giovanni and then use Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie to twist. I will need to check out this pomade by giovanni. I just chalk it up to their hair texture but if there is a way to keep the frizz away longer, its certainly worth trying!