Friday, June 28, 2013

Light Bronze Curls For Summer FUN: The Coily Hair Edition

So, Summer began last week Friday! I LOVE Summertime. It brings to mind Haagen Daaz ice cream (I think everything brings that ice-cream to my mind). Summer for us means beach days, pool-side, and lots of other out-door activities. Yeah, it's hot...but we find ways to stay cool while playing.

Summer also brings to my mind light, AND bold, playful colors. Check out your local Target Store (even Walmart has stepped it up)! The t-shirts are bold and enticing colors. Winter is long gone in the fashion world, and most of us are ready to pop some color into our wardrobe and tresses.

Not to boast, but here in the tropical everglades paradise (LOL), we are primed and ready to hit the beaches. Colors are so important for mental clarity and just plain old fun!

Every spring or summer, I lighten my hair. That means that I will "strip" my hair about once a year. During winter months, I will darken up (I didn't do that last winter). It worked out well, because putting a dark rinse on my coils makes lightening up in the Spring/Summer months a bit of a task.

The last color that I did was over 1 year ago. It was Dark & Lovely's "Honey Blond". The process was to part my hair horizontal from ear to ear, then "chunk" the color onto some section in the front". This helps me to avoid damage throughout my entire head of hair, and it adds subtle highlights (if you will) throughout the head (even the back).

This time I focused on putting the color on the ends of my hair alone. WHY? Because, I figured that it would be easier and quicker to lighten up the parts of hair that was previously colored. You ever read that part of the hair color box that reads: "If your hair is *this color, then it will be *this color after using the coloring process". Basically, that usually means that the lighter your hair already is, then the lighter the color will get it. Since my roots had grown in (to it's naturally, dark brown color), then I took the opportunity to color on a light color (my color from over 1 year ago).

My main concern is how my hair ends will withstand being stripped on 2 instances--even though the process is few and far in between (over 1 year since the last lightening). I notice that I've got to keep up with my deep conditioning treatments or else I'm stuck with dry hair for the week. The color definitely encourages dryness, due to the stripping process. All in all, though, so far so good--no damage noted. Will keep track and post if I see anything.

What colors did Summer inspire out of your wardrobe and hair so far?

Hot Pinks, Lime Yellows, Don't Forget About Blues!


  1. Wow the color is pretty. I desire to add a little color to my hair but I am afraid of dryness. I also Henna and I know that will alter the color and make it darker? Your hair always looks so healthy so I know you know what you are doing!

    1. Thanks Chan! I was concerned about dryness too, but with some serious deep conditioning treatment (mayo, honey, olive oil and the works), I head that problem off LOL! It really works.

  2. How do you only lighten the ends?